E2F Transcription Factor 6 (E2F6) Kits ELISA

E2F6 encodes a member of the E2F transcription factor protein family. De plus, nous expédions E2F6 Anticorps (82) et E2F6 Protéines (3) et beaucoup plus de produits pour cette protéine.

list all ELISA KIts Gène GeneID UniProt
Anti-Humain E2F6 E2F6 1876 O75461
Anti-Souris E2F6 E2F6 50496 O54917
Anti-Rat E2F6 E2F6 313978  
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Plus Kits ELISA pour E2F6 partenaires d'interaction

Human E2F Transcription Factor 6 (E2F6) interaction partners

  1. E2F1 (Montrer E2F1 Kits ELISA) forms a protein complex with EBNA3C and E2F6, and EBNA3C competes with E2F1 (Montrer E2F1 Kits ELISA) for E2F6 binding. E2F6 is also recruited by EBNA3C to the E2F1 (Montrer E2F1 Kits ELISA) promoter, which is critical for EBNA3C-mediated cell proliferation.

  2. miR-185 suppresses tumor proliferation by directly targeting E2F6 and DNMT1 and indirectly upregulating BRCA1 in triple-negative breast cancer.

  3. Analysis data from a panel of cell cycle transcription factors (E2F1, E2F4, E2F6, and GABPA) finds that a set of core cell cycle genes regulated in both U2OS and HeLa cells are bound by multiple cell cycle transcription factors.

  4. After replication stress, the checkpoint kinase (Montrer ATR Kits ELISA) Chk1 (Montrer CHEK1 Kits ELISA) phosphorylates E2F6, leading to its dissociation from promoters. This promotes E2F (Montrer E2F1 Kits ELISA)-dependent transcription, which mediates cell survival by preventing DNA damage and cell death

  5. findings indicate an inhibitory role of E2F6 in the regulation of IL-13 (Montrer IL13 Kits ELISA) and allergy

  6. E2F6 may recruit BRG1 (Montrer SMARCA4 Kits ELISA) in transcriptional regulation of genes important for G1/S phase transition of the cell cycle.

  7. data suggest that E2F (Montrer E2F1 Kits ELISA)- and Myc (Montrer MYC Kits ELISA)-responsive genes are coregulated by E2F6 complex in quiescent cells

  8. results suggest that E2F6 represses transcription of the brca1, ctip (Montrer RBBP8 Kits ELISA), art27 (Montrer UXT Kits ELISA), hp1alpha (Montrer CBX5 Kits ELISA), and the rbap48 (Montrer RBBP4 Kits ELISA) genes and depletion of E2F6 resulted in the recruitment of E2F1 (Montrer E2F1 Kits ELISA) to the target promoters

  9. contains nine exons distributed along 20.4kbp of genomic DNA on chromosome 2 leading to the transcription of six alternatively spliced E2F6 mRNAs that encode four different E2F6 proteins

  10. E2F6 does not contain the domains required for modulation of squamous differentiation

Mouse (Murine) E2F Transcription Factor 6 (E2F6) interaction partners

  1. These data reveal a novel interplay between the E2F pathway, beta2-adrenergic/PKA/PDE4D, and ERK/c-Src axis in fine tuning the pathological hypertrophic growth response.

  2. E2f6 was similarly bound to the proximal promoter regions both in embryonic stem cells (ESCs (Montrer NR2E3 Kits ELISA)) and epiblast stem cells (EpiSCs)

  3. Data suggest that during development, E2F6 participates in the recruitment of polycomb (Montrer CBX2 Kits ELISA) proteins to specific target promoters.

  4. The 5' untranslated regions of E2F6 and E2F6b are unusually long, and they contain several upstream AUG codons followed by short reading frames. Our results suggest that translation of E2F6b is initiated by internal ribosome entry.

  5. E2F6 is essential for the long-term somatic silencing of certain male-germ-cell-specific genes, but it is dispensable for cell-cycle regulation.

  6. E2F6 silences SMC1beta (Montrer SMC1B Kits ELISA) and STAG3 (Montrer STAG3 Kits ELISA) in somatic cells

  7. This analysis shows that E2f6 and Bmi1 cooperate in the regulation of Hox genes, and consequently axial skeleton development, but not in the repression of the Ink4a-Arf locus.

E2F6 profil antigène

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a member of the E2F transcription factor protein family. E2F family members play a crucial role in control of the cell cycle and of the action of tumor suppressor proteins. They are also a target of the transforming proteins of small DNA tumor viruses. Many E2F proteins contain several evolutionarily conserved domains: a DNA binding domain, a dimerization domain which determines interaction with the differentiation regulated transcription factor proteins (DP), a transactivation domain enriched in acidic amino acids, and a tumor suppressor protein association domain which is embedded within the transactivation domain. The encoded protein of this gene is atypical because it lacks the transactivation and tumor suppressor protein association domains. It contains a modular suppression domain and is an inhibitor of E2F-dependent transcription. The protein is part of a multimeric protein complex that contains a histone methyltransferase and the transcription factors Mga and Max. Multiple transcript variants have been reported for this gene, but it has not been clearly demonstrated that they encode valid isoforms.

Gene names and symbols associated with E2F6

  • E2F transcription factor 6 (E2F6) anticorps
  • E2F transcription factor 6 (E2f6) anticorps
  • AI462434 anticorps
  • E2F-6 anticorps
  • E2F6b anticorps
  • EMA anticorps

Protein level used designations for E2F6

E2F transcription factor 6 , transcription factor E2F6 , E2F-6 , E2F-binding site-modulating activity protein , transcriptional repressor E2F6

100230762 Taeniopygia guttata
100347358 Oryctolagus cuniculus
1876 Homo sapiens
609996 Canis lupus familiaris
514085 Bos taurus
50496 Mus musculus
313978 Rattus norvegicus
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