Paired-Like Homeobox 2b (PHOX2B) Kits ELISA

The DNA-associated protein encoded by PHOX2B is a member of the paired family of homeobox proteins localized to the nucleus. De plus, nous expédions PHOX2B Anticorps (54) et PHOX2B Protéines (2) et beaucoup plus de produits pour cette protéine.

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Anti-Humain PHOX2B PHOX2B 8929 Q99453
Anti-Souris PHOX2B PHOX2B 18935 O35690
Anti-Rat PHOX2B PHOX2B 364152  
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Plus Kits ELISA pour PHOX2B partenaires d'interaction

Zebrafish Paired-Like Homeobox 2b (PHOX2B) interaction partners

  1. reduced dosage of PHOX2B during development, through either a heterozygous deletion or dominant-negative mutation, imposes a block in the differentiation of sympathetic neuronal precursors

  2. Phox2b is expressed throughout the primary taste centers of two cyprinid fish, Danio rerio and Carassius auratus

  3. Phox2b function is sox10 (Montrer SOX10 Kits ELISA)-dependent in the developing enteric nervous system

Human Paired-Like Homeobox 2b (PHOX2B) interaction partners

  1. The discovery of gain-of-function mutations in the ALK (Montrer ALK Kits ELISA) receptor tyrosine kinase (Montrer RET Kits ELISA) gene as the major cause of familial neuroblastoma (Montrer ARHGEF16 Kits ELISA) led to the discovery of identical somatic mutations and rapid advancement of ALK (Montrer ALK Kits ELISA) as a tractable therapeutic target. Inactivating mutations in a master regulator of neural crest development, PHOX2B, have also been identified in a subset of familial neuroblastomas.

  2. Given the association between congenital heart disease and aberrant neural crest cell development, however, findings are suggestive that congenital heart disease may be a rare feature of PHOX2B mutation which has not been previously reported

  3. This study is the first to evaluate minimal residual disease detection using neuroblastoma (Montrer ARHGEF16 Kits ELISA) mRNAs in human ovarian tissue. Only PHOX2B was a reliable marker of neuroblastoma (Montrer ARHGEF16 Kits ELISA) cells contaminating ovarian tissue.

  4. This truncated protein localized to the nucleus and transactivated a target promoter. These data suggest that nonsense pathogenic variants in the first exon of PHOX2B likely escape nonsense mediated decay (NMD) and produce N-terminally truncated proteins functionally distinct from those produced by the more common polyalanine repeat mutations (PARMs).

  5. These pre-clinical data strongly suggest that PHOX2B functions as a suppressor of neuroblastoma (Montrer ARHGEF16 Kits ELISA) progression.

  6. High PHOX2B expression is associated with Neuroblastoma (Montrer ARHGEF16 Kits ELISA).

  7. PHOX2B forms homodimers and heterodimerizes weakly with mutated proteins, excluding the direct involvement of the polyalanine tract in dimer formation, indicating that mutated proteins retain partial ability to form heterodimers with PHOX2A (Montrer PHOX2A Kits ELISA).

  8. Expression of NOX4 (Montrer NOX4 Kits ELISA)/p22(phox (Montrer CYBA Kits ELISA)) as well as ROS (Montrer ROS1 Kits ELISA) production is enhanced by IL-1beta (Montrer IL1B Kits ELISA). On the other hand, the use of NOX4 (Montrer NOX4 Kits ELISA) inhibitors decreased IL-1beta (Montrer IL1B Kits ELISA)-induced collagenase synthesis by chondrocytes.

  9. PHOX2A (Montrer PHOX2A Kits ELISA) expression is finely controlled during retinoic acid differentiation and this, together with PHOX2B down-regulation.

  10. Point "silent" mutations affecting different nucleotides of the PHOX2B gene were observed in 32 % of patients with Class III malocclusion and never in controls (0 %).

Mouse (Murine) Paired-Like Homeobox 2b (PHOX2B) interaction partners

  1. Murine models of congenital central hypoventilation syndrome designed with PHOX2B mutations have suggested RTN neuron agenesis.

  2. The retrotrapezoid nucleus neurons expressing Atoh1 (Montrer ATOH1 Kits ELISA) and Phox2b are essential for the respiratory response to CO2.

  3. Adult Phox2b(+/-) mice showed altered exploratory behavior in the open field and in the elevated plus maze, both indicative of anxiety. Phox2b(+/-) mice did not show cognitive or motor impairments.

  4. many cranial nerve-associated crest cells coexpress the pan-autonomic determinant Paired-like homeodomain 2b (Phox2b) together with markers of Schwann cell precursors. Some give rise to Schwann cells after down-regulation of PHOX2b.

  5. In this review, conditional mouse mutants of Phox2b(27Ala) lacked the ventilary response to hypercapnia at birth.

  6. Phox2b transcripts were identified in FAC (Montrer FANCC Kits ELISA)-sorted Pitx3 (Montrer PITX3 Kits ELISA) positive neurons.

  7. This study demonistrated that Phox2b-expressing retrotrapezoid neurons are intrinsically responsive to H+ and CO2.

  8. Nonpolyalanine repeat expansion mutation of PHOX2B is both a dominant-negative and gain-of-function mutation.

  9. The PHOX2B can induce desired neuronal lineages from most expressing neural progenitor cells by a mechanism resembling developmental binary cell-fate switching.

  10. The cranial sensory pathways, somatic and visceral, are related, and Phox2b serves as a developmental switch from the former to the latter.

PHOX2B profil antigène

Antigen Summary

The DNA-associated protein encoded by this gene is a member of the paired family of homeobox proteins localized to the nucleus. The protein functions as a transcription factor involved in the development of several major noradrenergic neuron populations and the determination of neurotransmitter phenotype. The gene product is linked to enhancement of second messenger-mediated activation of the dopamine beta-hydroylase, c-fos promoters and several enhancers, including cyclic amp-response element and serum-response element.

Gene names and symbols associated with PHOX2B

  • paired-like homeobox 2b (phox2b) anticorps
  • paired like homeobox 2b S homeolog (phox2b.S) anticorps
  • paired-like homeobox 2bb (phox2bb) anticorps
  • paired like homeobox 2b (PHOX2B) anticorps
  • paired like homeobox 2b (phox2b) anticorps
  • paired-like homeobox 2b (Phox2b) anticorps
  • Dilp1 anticorps
  • NBLST2 anticorps
  • NBPhox anticorps
  • phox2 anticorps
  • PHOX2B anticorps
  • Pmx2b anticorps
  • xphox2b anticorps

Protein level used designations for PHOX2B

paired-like homeobox 2b , paired mesoderm homeobox protein 2B , PHOX2B homeodomain protein , neuroblastoma Phox , neuroblastoma paired-type homeobox protein , paired mesoderm homeobox 2b , GENA 269 , dilated pupils 1

402787 Xenopus laevis
495120 Xenopus laevis
544654 Danio rerio
701940 Macaca mulatta
739088 Pan troglodytes
100124329 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
8929 Homo sapiens
18935 Mus musculus
395548 Gallus gallus
610284 Canis lupus familiaris
783703 Bos taurus
364152 Rattus norvegicus
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