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calcr, Clr, CRT, Ct-R, CTR, CTR1, si:ch211-77k19.2
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CALCR 799 P30988
CALCR 116506 P32214
CALCR 12311  

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  1. Human Monoclonal Calcitonin Receptor Primary Antibody pour FACS - ABIN4899906 : Costa-Rodrigues, Teixeira, Sampaio, Fernandes: Characterisation of the osteoclastogenic potential of human osteoblastic and fibroblastic conditioned media. dans Journal of cellular biochemistry 2009 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Monoclonal Calcitonin Receptor Primary Antibody pour EIA, FACS - ABIN119693 : Wookey, Zulli, Buxton, Hare: Calcitonin receptor immunoreactivity associated with specific cell types in diseased radial and internal mammary arteries. dans Histopathology 2008 (PubMed)
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  3. Mouse (Murine) Polyclonal Calcitonin Receptor Primary Antibody pour IF (p), IHC (p) - ABIN725330 : Su, Gu, Dong, Mei: Ibuprofen rescues abnormalities in periodontal tissues in conditional presenilin 1 and presenilin 2 double knockout mice. dans International journal of molecular sciences 2013 (PubMed)
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  4. Human Polyclonal Calcitonin Receptor Primary Antibody pour EIA, IHC (p) - ABIN121621 : Tolcos, Tikellis, Rees, Cooper, Wookey: Ontogeny of calcitonin receptor mRNA and protein in the developing central nervous system of the rat. dans The Journal of comparative neurology 2002 (PubMed)
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  5. Human Polyclonal Calcitonin Receptor Primary Antibody pour FACS, IF - ABIN651875 : Egerton, Needham, Evans, Millest, Cerillo, McPheat, Popplewell, Johnstone, Hollis: Identification of multiple human calcitonin receptor isoforms: heterologous expression and pharmacological characterization. dans Journal of molecular endocrinology 1995 (PubMed)
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  6. Human Monoclonal Calcitonin Receptor Primary Antibody pour ELISA, WB - ABIN513951 : Segovia-Silvestre, Bonnefond, Sondergaard, Christensen, Karsdal, Bay-Jensen: Identification of the calcitonin receptor in osteoarthritic chondrocytes. dans BMC research notes 2011 (PubMed)

  7. Human Polyclonal Calcitonin Receptor Primary Antibody pour IHC (p), ELISA - ABIN213557 : Tur, Etschmann, Benz, Leich, Waller, Schuh, Rosenwald, Ertl, Kienitz, Haaf, Bräuninger, Gattenlöhner: The 140-kD isoform of CD56 (NCAM1) directs the molecular pathogenesis of ischemic cardiomyopathy. dans The American journal of pathology 2013 (PubMed)

  8. Rat (Rattus) Monoclonal Calcitonin Receptor Primary Antibody pour EIA, IHC (p) - ABIN119694 : Tikellis, Xuereb, Casley, Brasier, Cooper, Wookey: Calcitonin receptor isoforms expressed in the developing rat kidney. dans Kidney international 2003 (PubMed)

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Zebrafish Calcitonin Receptor (CALCR) interaction partners

  1. These results suggest that CT acts as a hypocalcemic factor in calcium regulation, probably through inhibition of ECaC (Montrer TRPV6 Anticorps) synthesis.

  2. crlr (Montrer CALCRL Anticorps) plays a nonredundant role in arterial differentiation, representing a novel element of the sonic hedgehog (Montrer SHH Anticorps)-vegf (Montrer VEGFA Anticorps)-notch (Montrer NOTCH1 Anticorps) signaling cascade that controls arterial/venous fate

Human Calcitonin Receptor (CALCR) interaction partners

  1. Data suggest that a single GlcNAc residue at CTR N130 (asparagine 130) is responsible for enhanced affinity of calcitonin (Montrer CALCA Anticorps) for CTR ECD (Montrer SHFM1 Anticorps); the same appears to apply for enhanced affinity of amylin (Montrer IAPP Anticorps) for RAMP2 (Montrer RAMP2 Anticorps)-CTR ECD (Montrer SHFM1 Anticorps). [GlcNAc = N-acetylglucosamine; CTR = calcitonin receptor; ECD (Montrer SHFM1 Anticorps) = extracellular domain; RAMP2 (Montrer RAMP2 Anticorps) = receptor (calcitonin) activity modifying protein 2 (Montrer RAMP2 Anticorps)].

  2. Males with CALCR TT genotype (rs1801197) have 13 fold increased risk for kidney stone disease. No significant association of rs1042138 with kidney stone in West Bengal, India.


  4. An association between fluorosis and the Alu I polymorphism in the CTR gene was observed in fluoride-exposed populations.

  5. The C1377T polymorphism in the CTR gene is associated with bone mineral density at the lumbar spine in a postmenopausal Han Chinese population

  6. There was no statistically significant difference in CTR gene nucleotide sequence polymorphisms at 1377-bp between Chinese Xinjiang Han and Uygur patients with primary osteoporosis.

  7. Data indicate a potential association between 3'UTR (Montrer UTS2R Anticorps)+18C>T and intron 1 polymorphisms in the CALCR and the risk of kidney stone disease.

  8. Prolonged calcitonin receptor signaling by salmon, but not human calcitonin (Montrer CALCA Anticorps), reveals ligand bias.

  9. High calcitonin receptor is associated with prostate cancer.

  10. the polymorphic genotypes of BGLAP (Montrer BGLAP Anticorps), ER1 (Montrer MIER1 Anticorps), Col1A1 (Montrer COL1A1 Anticorps) and CALCR are not found to be associated with osteoporosis in a single form but found to be associated in combined forms.

Rabbit Calcitonin Receptor (CALCR) interaction partners

  1. the expression of CTR is associated with the early cellular events involved in atherosclerotic plaque formation and is down-regulated as stabilisation of plaque progresses in the process of healing.

Mouse (Murine) Calcitonin Receptor (CALCR) interaction partners

  1. Calcr knockout resulted in abnormal quiescent state of muscle stem cells, reduction of their pool apoptosis and relocation from the MSC (Montrer MSC Anticorps) niche.

  2. data suggest that Clr-b modulation is a conserved innate host cell response to virus infection that is subverted by multiple CMV immune evasion strategies.

  3. upregulated in synovial tissue of osteoarthritic mice by macrophage-derived IL-1 beta (Montrer IL1B Anticorps)

  4. Together, these data indicate that signaling through RAMP1 (Montrer RAMP1 Anticorps) and CLR plays a role in mediating asthma pathology

  5. The relevance of the OPG (Montrer TNFSF11 Anticorps)/RANK/RANKL (Montrer TNFSF11 Anticorps) system in the particle-induced osteolysis process, was investigated.

  6. Nkrp1-Clr gene cluster appears to evolve more slowly relative to the related Ly49 cluster, and likely regulates innate immunosurveillance in a tissue-specific manner

  7. Odz4 (Montrer TENM4 Anticorps) is expressed in quiescent satellite cells, like calcitonin receptor, but the timing of the reappearance of these genes is different during regeneration.

  8. The perinatal expression of CTR within the ENS suggests that the calcitonin (Montrer CALCA Anticorps)/CTR system may have a role in the maturation of enteric neurons

  9. CGRP-receptor component protein (Montrer CRCP Anticorps) has been found to interact only with calcitonin (Montrer CALCA Anticorps)-like receptor and represents a novel neuroendocrine regulatory step in calcitonin gene-related peptide (Montrer CALCA Anticorps) signaling.

  10. CTR protects against hypercalcemia predominantly via its inhibitory action on osteoclasts.

Pig (Porcine) Calcitonin Receptor (CALCR) interaction partners

  1. Intracoronary intermedin (Montrer ADM2 Anticorps) 1-47 augments cardiac perfusion and function in anesthetized pigs: role of calcitonin (Montrer CALCA Anticorps) receptors and beta-adrenoreceptor-mediated nitric oxide release.

Cow (Bovine) Calcitonin Receptor (CALCR) interaction partners

Calcitonin Receptor (CALCR) profil antigène

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a high affinity receptor for the peptide hormone calcitonin and belongs to a subfamily of seven transmembrane-spanning G protein-coupled receptors. The encoded protein is involved in maintaining calcium homeostasis and in regulating osteoclast-mediated bone resorption. Polymorphisms in this gene have been associated with variations in bone mineral density and onset of osteoporosis. Alternate splicing results in multiple transcript variants.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Calcitonin Receptor (CALCR)

  • calcitonin receptor (CALCR) anticorps
  • calcitonin receptor (calcr) anticorps
  • calcitonin receptor (Calcr) anticorps
  • calcr anticorps
  • Clr anticorps
  • CRT anticorps
  • Ct-R anticorps
  • CTR anticorps
  • CTR1 anticorps
  • si:ch211-77k19.2 anticorps

Protein level used designations for CALCR

calcitonin receptor , CTR , calcitonin receptor-like , CT-R , C1A/C1B

472445 Pan troglodytes
560268 Danio rerio
701093 Macaca mulatta
100061915 Equus caballus
100125765 Takifugu rubripes
100414173 Callithrix jacchus
100422732 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100441327 Pongo abelii
799 Homo sapiens
100009231 Oryctolagus cuniculus
116506 Rattus norvegicus
12311 Mus musculus
100135491 Cavia porcellus
397638 Sus scrofa
482306 Canis lupus familiaris
613317 Bos taurus
428425 Gallus gallus
101113579 Ovis aries
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