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Ring-Box 1, E3 Ubiquitin Protein Ligase Kits ELISA (RBX1)
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1500002P15Rik, AA517855, BA554C12.1, hop21, RNF75, ROC1
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Souris RBX1 RBX1 56438 P62878
Humain RBX1 RBX1 9978 P62877
Rat RBX1 RBX1 300084  

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Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans) Ring-Box 1, E3 Ubiquitin Protein Ligase (RBX1) interaction partners

  1. oocyte maturation from pachytene exit and MPK-1 (Montrer MAPK1 Kits ELISA) activation are redundantly controlled by the RBX-2-CUL-5 (Montrer CUL5 Kits ELISA)- and RBX-1-CUL-2 (Montrer CUL2 Kits ELISA)-based complexes.

Mouse (Murine) Ring-Box 1, E3 Ubiquitin Protein Ligase (RBX1) interaction partners

  1. Downregulation of Rbx1 caused accumulation of Emi1.

  2. a model by which N-terminal cleavage of RBX1 impairs its activity and promotes susceptibility to ER stress induction.

  3. Nrf2 regulates Cul3-Rbx1 by controlling regulation of expression and induction of Cul3-Rbx1

  4. SCCRO recruits Ubc12 approximately NEDD8 to the CAND1-Cul1-ROC1 complex but that this is not sufficient to dissociate or overcome the inhibitory effects of CAND1 on cullin neddylation

  5. in vivo physiological function of RBX1 is to ensure cell proliferation by preventing p27 (Montrer CDKN1B Kits ELISA) accumulation during the early stage of embryonic development

Human Ring-Box 1, E3 Ubiquitin Protein Ligase (RBX1) interaction partners

  1. p97 (Montrer EIF4G2 Kits ELISA) negatively regulates NRF2 (Montrer GABPA Kits ELISA) through the canonical pathway by extracting ubiquitylated NRF2 (Montrer GABPA Kits ELISA) from the KEAP1 (Montrer KEAP1 Kits ELISA)-CUL3 (Montrer CUL3 Kits ELISA) E3 complex.

  2. Regulation of substrate ubiquitination and polyubiquitination takes place through Rbx1 rotations.

  3. High RBX1 expression was related to poor tumor differentiation, advanced TNM (Montrer ODZ1 Kits ELISA) stage, and lymph node metastasis in non-small cell lung cancer.

  4. Data show that melanoma antigen, family C, 2 protein (MAGE-C2) binds with RING-box protein 1 (Rbx1) and Cullin 1, and regulates cyclin E stability in melanoma cells.

  5. ROC1 (Montrer RIT1 Kits ELISA) has an important role in the malignant progression of bladder transitional cell carcinoma via the mTOR (Montrer FRAP1 Kits ELISA)/DEPTOR (Montrer DEPTOR Kits ELISA) pathway.

  6. Nedd8 (Montrer NEDD8 Kits ELISA)(Q40E) cannot induce the same structural effect on Cul1 (Montrer CUL1 Kits ELISA)-Rbx1 as wild-type Nedd8 (Montrer NEDD8 Kits ELISA).

  7. RBX1 E3 ubiquitin protein expression responsible with multiple genetic mechanism in the development of head and neck cancer.

  8. This work sheds new light on the roles of NEDD8 (Montrer NEDD8 Kits ELISA) lysines on neddylation cascades and provides a dominant negative mutant for the study of neddylation and its biological functions.

  9. These findings indicate that Rbx1 and Rbx2 (Montrer RNF7 Kits ELISA) can both activate Cul5 (Montrer CUL5 Kits ELISA)-Vif (Montrer BTG1 Kits ELISA) E3 ligase in vitro, but they may undergo a more delicate selection mechanism in vivo.

  10. upregulation of miR-194 can inhibit proliferation, migration, and invasion of GC cells, possibly by targeting RBX1. Aberrant expression of miR-194 and RBX1 is correlated to GC patient survival time.

Cow (Bovine) Ring-Box 1, E3 Ubiquitin Protein Ligase (RBX1) interaction partners

  1. The SCF (Montrer KITLG Kits ELISA)-complex gene expression has been characterized during bovine preimplantation development (Montrer MTA2 Kits ELISA).

RBX1 profil antigène

Antigen Summary

This locus encodes a RING finger-like domain-containing protein. The encoded protein interacts with cullin proteins and likely plays a role in ubiquitination processes necessary for cell cycle progression. This protein may also affect protein turnover. Related pseudogenes exist on chromosomes 2 and 5.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with RBX1

  • Protein RBX-1 (rbx-1) Elisa Kit
  • ring-box 1 (Rbx1) Elisa Kit
  • ring-box 1 (rbx1) Elisa Kit
  • ring-box 1, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase (RBX1) Elisa Kit
  • ring-box 1, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase (Rbx1) Elisa Kit
  • 1500002P15Rik Elisa Kit
  • AA517855 Elisa Kit
  • BA554C12.1 Elisa Kit
  • hop21 Elisa Kit
  • RNF75 Elisa Kit
  • ROC1 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for RBX1

E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RBX1 , RING finger protein 75 , ring-box protein 1 , RING-box protein 1 , hyperosmotic protein 21 , sHOP21 , RING box protein 1 , ZYP protein , regulator of cullins 1

179358 Caenorhabditis elegans
56438 Mus musculus
100136424 Salmo salar
9978 Homo sapiens
474494 Canis lupus familiaris
518880 Bos taurus
300084 Rattus norvegicus
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