FA83G (C-Term) Peptide

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Nom de la protéine
Protein Region
Type de proteíne
Blocking Peptide (BP)
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Specificité The synthetic peptide sequence used to generate the antibody AP13879b was selected from the C-term region of FA83G. A 10 to 100 fold molar excess to antibody is recommended. Precise conditions should be optimized for a particular assay.
Restrictions For Research Use only
Stock 4
Stockage commentaire Maintain refrigerated at 2-8°C for up to 6 months. For long term storage store at -20°C in small aliquots to prevent freeze-thaw cycles
Date de péremption 6 months
Background publications Beausoleil, Villén, Gerber, Rush, Gygi: "A probability-based approach for high-throughput protein phosphorylation analysis and site localization." dans: Nature biotechnology, Vol. 24, Issue 10, pp. 1285-92, 2006 (PubMed).

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