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anti-B Lymphoid Tyrosine Kinase Anticorps (BLK)
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bltk, MODY11, si:dkey-33i22.2, zgc:136231

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  1. Human Monoclonal BLK Primary Antibody pour ICC, FACS - ABIN968983 : Yang, Ng, Zhao, Hirankarn, Lau, Mok, Chan, Wong, Lee, Mok, Wong, Avihingsanon, Lee, Ho, Lee, Wong, Lau: Population differences in SLE susceptibility genes: STAT4 and BLK, but not PXK, are associated with systemic lupus erythematosus in Hong Kong Chinese. dans Genes and immunity 2009 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Monoclonal BLK Primary Antibody pour ELISA, WB - ABIN560064 : Castillejo-López, Delgado-Vega, Wojcik, Kozyrev, Thavathiru, Wu, Sánchez, Pöllmann, López-Egido, Fineschi, Domínguez, Lu, James, Merrill, Kelly, Kaufman, Moser, Gilkeson, Frostegård, Pons-Estel et al.: Genetic and physical interaction of the B-cell systemic lupus erythematosus-associated genes BANK1 and BLK. ... dans Annals of the rheumatic diseases 2011 (PubMed)
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  3. Mouse (Murine) Polyclonal BLK Primary Antibody pour WB - ABIN222964 : Chen, Huang, Wang: Deficiency of Bim in dendritic cells contributes to overactivation of lymphocytes and autoimmunity. dans Blood 2007 (PubMed)
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  4. Human Polyclonal BLK Primary Antibody pour IHC, ELISA - ABIN1450638 : Drebin, Hartzell, Griffin, Campbell, Niederhuber: Molecular cloning and chromosomal localization of the human homologue of a B-lymphocyte specific protein tyrosine kinase (blk). dans Oncogene 1995 (PubMed)
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  5. Human Polyclonal BLK Primary Antibody pour IHC (p), WB - ABIN392087 : Islam, Rabbani, Larsson, Sanders, Smith: Molecular cloning, characterization, and chromosomal localization of a human lymphoid tyrosine kinase related to murine Blk. dans Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) 1995 (PubMed)
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  6. Human Monoclonal BLK Primary Antibody pour IHC, ELISA - ABIN968982 : Tretter, Ross, Dordai, Desiderio: Mimicry of pre-B cell receptor signaling by activation of the tyrosine kinase Blk. dans The Journal of experimental medicine 2003 (PubMed)

  7. Cow (Bovine) Polyclonal BLK Primary Antibody pour WB - ABIN2782461 : Cho, Akbarali, Zerbini, Gu, Boltax, Wang, Oettgen, Zhang, Libermann: Isoforms of the Ets transcription factor NERF/ELF-2 physically interact with AML1 and mediate opposing effects on AML1-mediated transcription of the B cell-specific blk gene. dans The Journal of biological chemistry 2004 (PubMed)

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Mouse (Murine) B Lymphoid Tyrosine Kinase (BLK) interaction partners

  1. our study reveals a previously unappreciated role of reduced BLK (Montrer BIK Anticorps) expression on extraperitoneal accumulation of B1a cells in mice, as well as the presence of IgG autoantibodies and B1-like cells in humans.

  2. BLK (Montrer BIK Anticorps) risk alleles confer susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus through the dysregulation of a proinflammatory cytokine network.

  3. this study has revealed a previously unappreciated role for Blk (Montrer BIK Anticorps) in the development and activation of MZ B cells

  4. BCR-ABL (Montrer ABL1 Anticorps) downregulates the Blk (Montrer BIK Anticorps) gene (encoding B-lymphoid kinase) through c-Myc (Montrer MYC Anticorps) in leukemic stem cells in chronic myeloid leukemia (Montrer BCL11A Anticorps)

  5. Data suggest a role of tyrosine kinase (Montrer TYRO3 Anticorps) Btk (Montrer BTK Anticorps) in the regulation of immune cell unctions and innate inflammatory response.

  6. Analysis of Blk (Montrer BIK Anticorps)-deficient mice reveals that Blk (Montrer BIK Anticorps) is required for the development of IL-17 (Montrer IL17A Anticorps)-producing gammadelta T cell effectors and plays a role in regulating thymus cellularity during ontogeny.

  7. sustained activation of Blk (Montrer BIK Anticorps) induces responses normally associated with the pre-BCR (Montrer BCR Anticorps).

  8. Blk (Montrer BIK Anticorps), being exceptionally highly expressed in the initial segment, is suggested to have a role in the differentiation of this segment of the epididymis.

Human B Lymphoid Tyrosine Kinase (BLK) interaction partners

  1. ur study provides evidence that human BLK is a true proto-oncogene (Montrer RAB1A Anticorps) capable of inducing tumors, and we demonstrate a novel BLK activity-dependent tumor model suitable for studies of BLK-driven lymphomagenesis and screening of novel BLK inhibitors in vivo.

  2. rs13277113 GA genotype of BLK is more frequent in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus patients and may have a role in low gene expression and increased flares

  3. current meta-analysis suggested that FAM167A-BLK rs2736340 polymorphism is associated with several autoimmune diseases

  4. the SNPs in TNFSF4 and FAM167A-BLK may be involved in asthma and allergic rhinitis gene risk in the Han Chinese cohort.

  5. The systemic lupus erythematosus variant Ala71Thr of BLK severely decreases protein abundance and binding to BANK1 (Montrer BANK1 Anticorps) through impairment of the SH3 domain (Montrer ITSN1 Anticorps) function.

  6. Report a novel BLK gene variant in common variable immunodeficiency-patients that causes suppressed B-cell proliferation and reduced ability of B-cells to elicit antigen-specific CD4 (Montrer CD4 Anticorps)(+) T-cell responses.

  7. A major mechanism underlying the BLK association with autoimmune disease involves lowered thresholds for basal B cell receptor signaling, enhanced B cell-T cell interactions, and altered patterns of isotype switching.

  8. our study reveals a previously unappreciated role of reduced BLK expression on extraperitoneal accumulation of B1a cells in mice, as well as the presence of IgG autoantibodies and B1-like cells in humans.

  9. Results support previous findings that vaiants in the RHOB and FAM167A-BLK genes may be associated with susceptibility to systemic sclerosis.

  10. These results place Blk upstream of the p190RhoGAP (Montrer GRLF1 Anticorps)-RhoA (Montrer RHOA Anticorps) pathway in Galpha13 (Montrer GNA13 Anticorps)-activated cells, overall representing an opposing signaling module during CXCL12 (Montrer CXCL12 Anticorps)-triggered invasion.

BLK profil antigène

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a nonreceptor tyrosine-kinase of the src family of proto-oncogenes that are typically involved in cell proliferation and differentiation. The protein has a role in B-cell receptor signaling and B-cell development. The protein also stimulates insulin synthesis and secretion in response to glucose and enhances the expression of several pancreatic beta-cell transcription factors.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with BLK

  • B lymphoid tyrosine kinase (blk) anticorps
  • B lymphoid tyrosine kinase (BLK) anticorps
  • B lymphoid kinase (Blk) anticorps
  • B lymphoid tyrosine kinase (Blk) anticorps
  • bltk anticorps
  • MODY11 anticorps
  • si:dkey-33i22.2 anticorps
  • zgc:136231 anticorps

Protein level used designations for BLK

B lymphoid kinase , tyrosine-protein kinase Blk , B lymphoid tyrosine kinase , tyrosine-protein kinase Blk-like , b lymphocyte kinase , p55-Blk , BLK nonreceptor tyrosine kinase

567764 Danio rerio
100412187 Callithrix jacchus
100442545 Pongo abelii
100479355 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100559493 Anolis carolinensis
100601418 Nomascus leucogenys
12143 Mus musculus
640 Homo sapiens
486080 Canis lupus familiaris
532587 Bos taurus
364403 Rattus norvegicus
422035 Gallus gallus
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