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BDPLT2, BDPLT16, CD61, GP3A, GPIIIA, GT, INGRB3, INTB3, integrin
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ITGB3 16416 O54890
Anti-Rat ITGB3 ITGB3 29302  
ITGB3 3690 P05106

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  1. Human Monoclonal Integrin beta 3 Primary Antibody pour IF, WB - ABIN968389 : Chen, Djaffar, Pidard, Steiner, Cieutat, Caen, Rosa et al.: Ser-752-->Pro mutation in the cytoplasmic domain of integrin beta 3 subunit and defective activation of platelet integrin alpha IIb beta 3 (glycoprotein IIb-IIIa) in a variant of Glanzmann ... dans Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 1992 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Monoclonal Integrin beta 3 Primary Antibody pour IHC (fro), IHC (p) - ABIN114660 : Kanz, Mielke, Fauser: Analysis of human hemopoietic progenitor cells for the expression of glycoprotein IIIa. dans Experimental hematology 1988 (PubMed)
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  3. Cow (Bovine) Monoclonal Integrin beta 3 Primary Antibody pour FACS - ABIN317409 : Pérez de la Lastra, Moreno, Pérez, Llanes: Characterization of the porcine homologue to human platelet glycoprotein IIb-IIIa (CD41/CD61) by a monoclonal antibody. dans Tissue antigens 1997 (PubMed)
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  4. Human Monoclonal Integrin beta 3 Primary Antibody pour EIA, IF - ABIN1106489 : Newton, Girgenti, Collier, Duman: Electroconvulsive seizure increases adult hippocampal angiogenesis in rats. dans The European journal of neuroscience 2006 (PubMed)
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  5. Human Polyclonal Integrin beta 3 Primary Antibody pour ELISA, IF (cc) - ABIN739029 : Wang, Jiang, Peng, Guo, Shang, Chen, Wu, Chen: Induced apoptosis of osteoblasts proliferating on polyhydroxyalkanoates. dans Biomaterials 2013 (PubMed)
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  6. Mouse (Murine) Monoclonal Integrin beta 3 Primary Antibody pour FACS, IP - ABIN1449278 : Jonker, Schinkel: Pharmacological and physiological functions of the polyspecific organic cation transporters: OCT1, 2, and 3 (SLC22A1-3). dans The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics 2004 (PubMed)
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  7. Mouse (Murine) Monoclonal Integrin beta 3 Primary Antibody pour FACS - ABIN120248 : Yasuda, Hasunuma, Adachi, Sekine, Sakanishi, Hashimoto, Ra, Yagita, Okumura: Expression and function of fibronectin binding integrins on rat mast cells. dans International immunology 1995 (PubMed)

  8. Human Polyclonal Integrin beta 3 Primary Antibody pour EIA, WB - ABIN453710 : Wang, Furihata, McFarland, Friedman, Aster, Newman: An amino acid polymorphism within the RGD binding domain of platelet membrane glycoprotein IIIa is responsible for the formation of the Pena/Penb alloantigen system. dans The Journal of clinical investigation 1992 (PubMed)

  9. Human Monoclonal Integrin beta 3 Primary Antibody pour FACS - ABIN4897102 : Park-Min, Lee, Moskowitz, Lim, Lee, Lorenzo, Huang, Melnick, Purdue, Goldring, Ivashkiv: Negative regulation of osteoclast precursor differentiation by CD11b and β2 integrin-B-cell lymphoma 6 signaling. dans Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research 2012 (PubMed)

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Mouse (Murine) Integrin beta 3 (ITGB3) interaction partners

  1. The synergy of circulating factor suPAR and APOL1 (Montrer APOL1 Anticorps) G1 or G2 on alphavbeta3 integrin activation is a mechanism for CKD.

  2. The authors showed the synergistic negative regulation of the pro-inflammatory cytokine interferon-gamma (Montrer IFNG Anticorps) (IFNgamma) and beta3 integrin signaling in murine hematopoietic stem cells function by a novel definitive phenotyping of hematopoietic stem cells.

  3. This study provided evidence in platelets at both static and flow conditions that the calpain cleavage-related sequences of integrin beta3, i.e. T755NITYRGT762, R760GT762, and N756ITY759 participate in bidirectional, outside-in, and inside-out signaling, respectively and the association of c-Src (Montrer SRC Anticorps) or kindlin with beta3 integrin may regulate these processes.

  4. By modulating its affinity with kindlin, beta3 integrin may be able to locate near the cell edge where it can control beta1 integrin activation and clustering.

  5. MiR (Montrer MLXIP Anticorps)-30a-5p suppresses tumor metastasis of human colorectal cancer by targeting ITGB3.

  6. suppression of beta3-integrin in mice leads to the activation of a neuropilin-1 (NRP1 (Montrer NRP1 Anticorps))-dependent cell migration pathway in endothelial cells via a mechanism that depends on NRP1 (Montrer NRP1 Anticorps)'s mobilisation away from mature focal adhesions following VEGF (Montrer VEGFA Anticorps)-stimulation

  7. Deletion of Itgb3 causes increased B-cell responses to TLR stimulation in vitro.

  8. integrin beta3-mediated signaling in smooth muscle cells links elastin (Montrer ELN Anticorps) deficiency and pathological stenosis, and inhibiting this pathway is an attractive therapeutic strategy for supravalvular aortic stenosis.

  9. The clathrin-mediated endocytic machinery combines with Dab2 (Montrer DAB2 Anticorps) to facilitate the endocytosis of RGD-integrin-beta3 clusters.

  10. Integrin beta 3 causes arteriovenous graft occlusion.

Human Integrin beta 3 (ITGB3) interaction partners

  1. Furthermore, the inside-out activation of GPIIb (Montrer ITGA2B Anticorps)/IIIa of platelets mediated Streptococcus suis suilysin-induced platelet aggregation.

  2. Findings indicate integrin inhibition as a promising strategy to block both aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR (Montrer AHR Anticorps)) and transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta)-controlled features of malignancy in glioblastoma.

  3. Data suggest that the extreme C terminus of kindlin-2 (Montrer FERMT2 Anticorps) is essential for interaction with and activation of integrin alphaIIBbeta3; these studies were conducted in macrophage cell line and erythroleukemia cell line.

  4. The synergy of circulating factor suPAR and APOL1 (Montrer APOL1 Anticorps) G1 or G2 on alphavbeta3 integrin activation is a mechanism for CKD.

  5. overexpression of syndecan-1 confers to B-LCs an increased capacity to migrate in response to Tat, owing to a switch from a CXCR4/G-protein/Rac to a syndecan-1/alphavbeta3/pp60src/pp125FAK signal transduction pathway that depends on the formation of a complex in which syndecan-1 interacts with Tat via its HS-chains, with alphavbeta3 via its core protein ectodomain and with pp60src via its intracellular tail

  6. From these data, we suggest that filamentous vimentin (Montrer VIM Anticorps) underneath the plasma membrane is involved in increasing integrin adhesiveness, and thus regulation of the vimentin (Montrer VIM Anticorps)-integrin interaction might control cell adhesion

  7. Data suggest that talin increases embedding of integrin-beta-3 (ITGB3) transmembrane domain into lipid bilayer, resulting in activation of integrin-alpha-IIb (Montrer ITGA2B Anticorps) beta-3 (ITGA2B (Montrer ITGA2B Anticorps)/ITGB3); phyto-antioxidant EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) decreases this embedding, thus opposing talin-induced integrin activation. However, EGCG activates ITGA2B (Montrer ITGA2B Anticorps)/ITGB3 in the absence of talin both in a purified system and in CHO (Montrer COL11A1 Anticorps) cells.

  8. In vitro binding assays with purified components reveal that Tie-integrin recognition is direct, and further demonstrate that the receptor binding domain of the Tie2 ligand (Montrer ANGPT2 Anticorps) Ang-1 (Montrer ANGPT1 Anticorps), but not the receptor binding domain of Ang-2 (Montrer ANGPT2 Anticorps), can independently associate with a5b1 or aVb3. cooperative Tie/integrin interactions selectively stimulate ERK/MAPK (Montrer MAPK1 Anticorps) signaling in the presence of both Ang-1 (Montrer ANGPT1 Anticorps) and fibronectin (Montrer FN1 Anticorps)

  9. Recombinant platelet membrane glycoprotein IIIa (GPa (Montrer GYPA Anticorps)) was successfully obtained and used to establish a Luminex technology-based method for the detection of HPA (Montrer HPSE Anticorps)-1a-specific antibodies.

  10. In contrast to HLA-DRB4 (Montrer HLADRB4 Anticorps)*01:01P, the inheritance of HLA-DRB3 (Montrer HLA-DRB3 Anticorps)*01:01 is strongly associated with the propensity for mounting a humoral immune response against fetal HPA (Montrer HPSE Anticorps)-1a antigen.

Pig (Porcine) Integrin beta 3 (ITGB3) interaction partners

  1. The observed effects of shear stress on integrin alpha(v (Montrer ITGAV Anticorps))beta(3) and p38 MAPK (Montrer MAPK14 Anticorps) activation, as well as on FGF-2 (Montrer FGF2 Anticorps) release could be mimicked by application of pancreatic elastase to static endothelial cells.

  2. structure and distribution of the CD61 provides insight into the physiological function of the porcine beta(3) integrins and should be of importance in understanding the role of this integrin family in biological processes

  3. Inhibition of integrin alphavbeta3 (Montrer ITGAV Anticorps) prevents urokinase plasminogen (Montrer PLG Anticorps) activator-mediated impairment of cerebrovasodilation after cerebral hypoxia/ischemia.

Cow (Bovine) Integrin beta 3 (ITGB3) interaction partners

  1. alphavbeta3 integrin engagement in vascular endothelium regulates Ca2 (Montrer CA2 Anticorps)+-dependent K+ current

  2. Flow induced alpha2beta1 activation in cells on collagen, but not on fibronectin or fibrinogen. Conversely, alpha5beta1 and alphavbeta3 are activated on fibronectin and fibrinogen, but not collagen.

Integrin beta 3 (ITGB3) profil antigène

Antigen Summary

The ITGB3 protein product is the integrin beta chain beta 3. Integrins are integral cell-surface proteins composed of an alpha chain and a beta chain. A given chain may combine with multiple partners resulting in different integrins. Integrin beta 3 is found along with the alpha IIb chain in platelets. Integrins are known to participate in cell adhesion as well as cell-surface mediated signalling.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Integrin beta 3 (ITGB3)

  • integrin, beta 3 (platelet glycoprotein IIIa, antigen CD61) (ITGB3) anticorps
  • integrin beta 3 (Itgb3) anticorps
  • integrin, beta 3 (Itgb3) anticorps
  • BDPLT2 anticorps
  • BDPLT16 anticorps
  • CD61 anticorps
  • GP3A anticorps
  • GPIIIA anticorps
  • GT anticorps
  • INGRB3 anticorps
  • INTB3 anticorps
  • integrin anticorps

Protein level used designations for anti-Integrin beta 3 (ITGB3) Anticorps

integrin, beta 3 (platelet glycoprotein IIIa, antigen CD61) , integrin beta3 , GPIIIa , integrin beta-3 , platelet gpIIIa , platelet membrane glycoprotein IIIa , integrin beta 3 (Cd61) , beta3 integrin , glycoprotein GPIIIa , integrin beta 3 , integrin beta-3 subunit

100423047 Ovis aries
16416 Mus musculus
29302 Rattus norvegicus
3690 Homo sapiens
397063 Sus scrofa
282642 Bos taurus
374209 Gallus gallus
403788 Canis lupus familiaris
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