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Cytokine Receptor-Like Factor 3 Kits ELISA (CRLF3)
Chez www.anticorps-enligne.fr sont 0 Cytokine Receptor-Like Factor 3 (CRLF3) Kits ELISA de de différents fournisseurs disponibles. De plus, nous expédions CRLF3 Anticorps (31) et CRLF3 Protéines (6) et beaucoup plus de produits pour cette protéine. Un total de 42 CRLF3 produits sont actuellement listés.
BB164954, CREME-9, Creme9, CRLM9, Cytor4, fd20c08, FRWS, id:ibd2508, im:7137736, p48.2, wu:fd20c08, zgc:110212
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Humain CRLF3 CRLF3 51379 Q8IUI8
Souris CRLF3 CRLF3 54394 Q9Z2L7

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Plus Kits ELISA pour CRLF3 partenaires d'interaction

Human Cytokine Receptor-Like Factor 3 (CRLF3) interaction partners

  1. p48.2 may represent a novel type of intracellular protein (Montrer CKAP2 Kits ELISA) functioning as a negative regulator at the G0/G1 phase.

CRLF3 profil antigène

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a cytokine receptor-like factor that may negatively regulate cell cycle progression at the G0/G1 phase. Studies of the related rat protein suggest that it may regulate neuronal morphology and synaptic vesicle biogenesis. This gene is one of several genes located in the neurofibromatosis type I tumor suppressor region on the q arm of chromosome 17, a region that is subject to microdeletions, duplications, chromosomal breaks and rearrangements. Alternative splicing of this gene results in multiple transcript variants. Related pseudogenes have been identified on chromosomes 2 and 5.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with CRLF3

  • cytokine receptor-like factor 3 (CRLF3) Elisa Kit
  • cytokine receptor-like factor 3 (Crlf3) Elisa Kit
  • cytokine receptor-like factor 3 (crlf3) Elisa Kit
  • BB164954 Elisa Kit
  • CREME-9 Elisa Kit
  • Creme9 Elisa Kit
  • CRLM9 Elisa Kit
  • Cytor4 Elisa Kit
  • fd20c08 Elisa Kit
  • FRWS Elisa Kit
  • id:ibd2508 Elisa Kit
  • im:7137736 Elisa Kit
  • p48.2 Elisa Kit
  • wu:fd20c08 Elisa Kit
  • zgc:110212 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for CRLF3

cytokine receptor-like molecule 9 , cytokine receptor-related protein 4 , type I cytokine receptor-like factor p48 , cytokine receptor-related factor 4 , clf-3 protein

51379 Homo sapiens
54394 Mus musculus
550515 Danio rerio
380292 Xenopus laevis
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