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Toll-Like Receptor Adaptor Molecule 2 Kits ELISA (TICAM2)
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B430113A10, MyD88-4, TICAM-2, TIRAP3, Tirp, TRAM, Trif
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Rat TICAM2 TICAM2 364867  
Humain TICAM2 TICAM2 353376 Q86XR7
Souris TICAM2 TICAM2 225471 Q8BJQ4

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Human Toll-Like Receptor Adaptor Molecule 2 (TICAM2) interaction partners

  1. Data show that Toll (Montrer TLR4 Kits ELISA)/IL-1R domain-containing adaptor molecule (TICAM)-2 possesses two conserved acidic amino acids, D91 and E92, which regulate TICAM-2 self-activation and signaling.

  2. Findings were SNPs in TICAM2 (P = 3.6 x 10(-6)) and IL1B (Montrer IL1B Kits ELISA) (P = 4.3 x 10(-5)) associated with TB.

  3. TRAM (Montrer TRAM1 Kits ELISA) plays a role in TLR7 (Montrer TLR7 Kits ELISA) signaling through a novel signaling axis towards the activation of anti-viral immunity.

  4. TRAM (Montrer TRAM1 Kits ELISA) acts as a sorting adaptor not only for TLR4 (Montrer TLR4 Kits ELISA), but also for TLR2 (Montrer TLR2 Kits ELISA), to facilitate signaling to IRF7 (Montrer IRF7 Kits ELISA) at the endosome, which explains how TLR2 (Montrer TLR2 Kits ELISA) is capable of causing type I IFN induction.

  5. A putative TRAF6 (Montrer TRAF6 Kits ELISA)-binding motif in TRAM (Montrer TRAM1 Kits ELISA) may mediate a new TRAM (Montrer TRAM1 Kits ELISA) function in TLR4 (Montrer TLR4 Kits ELISA) signaling in regulating inflammatory responses, distinct from its bridging TLR4 (Montrer TLR4 Kits ELISA) and TRIF (Montrer TRIM69 Kits ELISA). A TRAM (Montrer TRAM1 Kits ELISA) E183A mutation abolished this.

  6. results suggest TLR adaptor molecules knockdown, such as MyD88 (Montrer MYD88 Kits ELISA) or TRAM (Montrer TRAM1 Kits ELISA), can decrease IL-6 (Montrer IL6 Kits ELISA) and IL-8 (Montrer IL8 Kits ELISA) mRNA and increase CXCL12 (Montrer CXCL12 Kits ELISA) mRNA expression in HGF (Montrer HGF Kits ELISA) and HPDLF.

  7. The homotypic interaction between TICAM-2 TIR is indispensable to present a scaffold for recruiting the monomeric moiety of the TICAM-1 (Montrer TICAM1 Kits ELISA) TIR dimer.

  8. induction of both IL-6 (Montrer IL6 Kits ELISA) and IL-8 (Montrer IL8 Kits ELISA) is associated with elevated TIRAP (Montrer TIRAP Kits ELISA) and reduced TRAM (Montrer TRAM1 Kits ELISA) mRNA expression

  9. Data indicate that MyD88 (Montrer MYD88 Kits ELISA) works together with the IL-1 (Montrer IL1A Kits ELISA)/IL-18 (Montrer IL18 Kits ELISA) receptors, can interact with two distinct sorting adaptors, TRAM (Montrer TRAM1 Kits ELISA) and Mal (Montrer MAL Kits ELISA), in a conserved manner.

  10. viral inhibitor peptide of TLR4 (Montrer TLR4 Kits ELISA) possibly represents a surface domain of A46 that specifically inhibits TLR4 (Montrer TLR4 Kits ELISA) by masking critical binding sites on MyD88 adaptor (Montrer MYD88 Kits ELISA)-like and TRIF-related adaptor molecule

Mouse (Murine) Toll-Like Receptor Adaptor Molecule 2 (TICAM2) interaction partners

  1. study reporst a key role for TNF (Montrer TNF Kits ELISA)/TNFR1 (Montrer TNFRSF1A Kits ELISA) in Yersinia-induced cell death of murine macrophages, which occurs despite the blockade of NF-kappaB (Montrer NFKB1 Kits ELISA) and MAPK (Montrer MAPK1 Kits ELISA) signaling imposed by Yersinia on infected cells

  2. STING and TRIF (Montrer RNF138 Kits ELISA) Contribute to Mouse Sepsis, Depending on Severity of the Disease Model

  3. the role of Toll (Montrer TLR4 Kits ELISA)-like receptor (TLR) 2 (Montrer TLR2 Kits ELISA), TLR4 (Montrer TLR4 Kits ELISA), myeloid differentiation response gene 88, and Toll (Montrer TLR4 Kits ELISA)-IL-1 (Montrer IL1A Kits ELISA) receptor domain-containing adaptor-inducing interferon-gamma (Montrer IFNG Kits ELISA) (TRIF (Montrer RNF138 Kits ELISA)), factors critically involved in the TLR signaling pathway, was studied in experimental autoimmune neuritis.

  4. Juniperus rigida Sieb. extract inhibits macrophage inflammatory responses by attenuating TRIF (Montrer RNF138 Kits ELISA)-dependent signaling and inflammasome activation.

  5. TRIF (Montrer RNF138 Kits ELISA)-independent pathways can be involved in the downregulation of drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters through TLR4 (Montrer TLR4 Kits ELISA) and 3. JNK (Montrer MAPK8 Kits ELISA)-dependent mechanisms likely mediate this downregulation.

  6. Data show that annexin A2 (AnxA2 (Montrer ANXA2 Kits ELISA)) directly exerted negative regulation of inflammatory responses through Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4 (Montrer TLR4 Kits ELISA))-initiated TRAM protein (Montrer TRAM2 Kits ELISA)-TRIF (Montrer RNF138 Kits ELISA) protein pathway occurring on endosomes.

  7. TRIF (Montrer RNF138 Kits ELISA) mediates antibacterial defense during Gram-negative pneumonia, at least in part, by inducing IFN-x03B3; at the primary site of infection.

  8. The authors confirmed that the protective effect of poly I:C against enteric infection of mice with Yersinia enterocolitica was dependent on TLR3 (Montrer TLR3 Kits ELISA)-mediated TRIF (Montrer RNF138 Kits ELISA) signaling by using TLR3 (Montrer TLR3 Kits ELISA)-deficient mice.

  9. MMP-12 (Montrer MMP12 Kits ELISA) up-regulation mediated by SARM-TRIF (Montrer RNF138 Kits ELISA) signaling pathway contributes to IFN-gamma (Montrer IFNG Kits ELISA)-independent airway inflammation and AHR (Montrer AHR Kits ELISA) post RSV infection in nude mice.

  10. HMGB1 (Montrer HMGB1 Kits ELISA) and its downstream TLR4 (Montrer TLR4 Kits ELISA)/Myd88 (Montrer MYD88 Kits ELISA)/TRIF (Montrer RNF138 Kits ELISA) signaling pathway play important roles in the mouse intestinal I/R injury.

TICAM2 profil antigène

Antigen Summary

TIRP is a Toll/interleukin-1 receptor (IL1R\; MIM 147810) (TIR) domain-containing adaptor protein involved in Toll receptor signaling (see TLR4\; MIM 603030).

Alternative names and synonyms associated with TICAM2

  • toll-like receptor adaptor molecule 2 (Ticam2) Elisa Kit
  • toll-like receptor adaptor molecule 2 (TICAM2) Elisa Kit
  • B430113A10 Elisa Kit
  • MyD88-4 Elisa Kit
  • TICAM-2 Elisa Kit
  • TIRAP3 Elisa Kit
  • Tirp Elisa Kit
  • TRAM Elisa Kit
  • Trif Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for TICAM2

TIR domain-containing adapter molecule 2 , TMED7-TICAM2 readthrough , NF-kappa-B-activating protein 502 , TRIF-related adaptor molecule , cytoplasmic adaptor , putative NF-kappa-B-activating protein 502 , toll-like receptor adaptor protein 3 , toll/interleukin-1 receptor (TIR) domain-containing adapter protein , TIR domain-containing adapter protein , TRIF-related adapter molecule TRAM , Toll-interleukin I receptor domain (TIR)-containing adaptor molecule (TICAM) 2 , toll/interleukin-1 receptor domain-containing protein , TRIF-related adapter molecule

364867 Rattus norvegicus
100029323 Monodelphis domestica
100409449 Callithrix jacchus
100500706 Pan troglodytes
100520421 Sus scrofa
100529854 Equus caballus
100533188 Canis lupus familiaris
353376 Homo sapiens
225471 Mus musculus
539350 Bos taurus
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