Asparaginase Like 1 (ASRGL1) Kits ELISA

an L-asparaginase possibly involved in astroglial production of neuroactive S-aspartate. De plus, nous expédions Asparaginase Like 1 Anticorps (70) et Asparaginase Like 1 Protéines (12) et beaucoup plus de produits pour cette protéine.

list all ELISA KIts Gène GeneID UniProt
ASRGL1 80150 Q7L266
ASRGL1 66514 Q8C0M9
ASRGL1 246307 Q8VI04
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Catalogue No. Reactivité Sensibilité Gamme Images Quantité Livraison Prix Détails
Souris 0.625 2.5 Typical standard curve 96 Tests 15 to 18 Days
Humain 0.39 ng/mL 0.78-50 ng/mL   96 Tests 2 to 3 Days
Boeuf (Vache)
  96 Tests 2 to 3 Days
  96 Tests 2 to 3 Days

Asparaginase Like 1 Kits ELISA mieux référencés

  1. Mouse (Murine) ASRGL1 Kit ELISA pour Sandwich ELISA - ABIN828264 : Zong, Zeng, Zou, Li, Fang, Lu, Xiao, Zhang: Effects of Polygonatum sibiricum polysaccharide on the osteogenic differentiation of bone mesenchymal stem cells in mice. dans International journal of clinical and experimental pathology 2015 (PubMed)

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Human Asparaginase Like 1 (ASRGL1) interaction partners

  1. The strongest associations between protein abundance and Alzheimer's disease severity were found for APLP1, CNTN2 and SPP1 proteins The best discrimination between mild cognitive impairment vs. controls was observed with a model combining APLP1 and SPP1 proteins.

  2. ASRGL1 was closely associated with growth and apoptosis in cervical cancer. Therefore, ASRGL1 may be a novel, potentially effective anticervical cancer therapy.

  3. A panel including p53 and ASRGL1 immunohistochemistry was identified as the most accurate predictor of relapse-free and disease-specific survival. Within this panel, patients were allocated into high- (5.9%), intermediate- (29.5%) and low- (64.6%) risk groups where high-risk patients had a 30-fold risk (P<0.001) of dying of EEC compared to the low-risk group.

  4. In a prospective setting ASRGL1 validates as a strong prognostic biomarker in endometrial carcinoma. Loss of ASRGL1 is associated with aggressive disease and poor survival.

  5. Our studies suggest that the p.G178R mutation in ASRGL1 leads to photoreceptor degeneration resulting in progressive vision loss.

  6. Multiple negatively charged small molecules interact within the active site of ASRGL1 to act as a base in promoting cleavage.

  7. Reduced expression of ASRGL1, defined as <75% positively stained tumor cells, was significantly associated with poor prognosis and reduced disease-specific survival in endometrioid endometrial adenocarcinoma (EEA).

  8. Determined is the structure of the first mammalian plant-type asparaginase in both a precursor and fully activated form.

  9. Human ALP cDNA was subsequently cloned. It showed 77% identity to the rat ALP sequence and the gene, ASRGL1 (asparaginase-like 1), mapped to chromosome locus 11q12.3.

  10. Overexpression of CRASH is associated with metastatic breast cancer.

  11. ASRGL1 exhibits beta-aspartyl peptidase activity consistent with plant-type asparaginases. ASRGL1 is shown to be an Ntn hydrolase for which Thr168 serves as the essential N-terminal nucleophile for intramolecular processing and catalysis.

Asparaginase Like 1 (ASRGL1) profil antigène

Antigen Summary

an L-asparaginase possibly involved in astroglial production of neuroactive S-aspartate

Gene names and symbols associated with Asparaginase Like 1 (ASRGL1) Kits ELISA

  • asparaginase like 1 (ASRGL1) anticorps
  • L-asparaginase (STY0886) anticorps
  • L-asparaginase (ansA) anticorps
  • L-asparaginase (ECA0132) anticorps
  • isoaspartyl peptidase/L-asparaginase (LOC5580113) anticorps
  • L-asparaginase (EcHS_A0886) anticorps
  • L-asparaginase (LACBIDRAFT_317700) anticorps
  • L-asparaginase (BCAM1291) anticorps
  • L-asparaginase (ZPR_0296) anticorps
  • L-asparaginase (PAAG_01206) anticorps
  • asparaginase like 1 (asrgl1) anticorps
  • asparaginase like 1 (Asrgl1) anticorps
  • 2410004D18Rik anticorps
  • ALP anticorps
  • ALP1 anticorps
  • ASRGL1 anticorps
  • AU040643 anticorps
  • AW060375 anticorps
  • CRASH anticorps
  • Gliap anticorps
  • Hiob2 anticorps
  • zgc:103568 anticorps

Protein level used designations for Asparaginase Like 1 (ASRGL1) Kits ELISA

asparaginase like 1 , asparaginase-like 1 protein , L-asparaginase , l-asparaginase , L-asparagine amidohydrolase , asparaginase-like protein 1 , beta-aspartyl-peptidase , isoaspartyl dipeptidase , isoaspartyl peptidase/L-asparaginase , asparaginase-like 1 , asparaginase-like sperm autoantigen , glial asparaginase

421868 Gallus gallus
483789 Canis lupus familiaris
739620 Pan troglodytes
1247325 Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhi str. CT18
1795703 Rhodopirellula baltica SH 1
2882376 Pectobacterium atrosepticum SCRI1043
5580113 Aedes aegypti
5594344 Escherichia coli HS
6085946 Laccaria bicolor S238N-H82
6928964 Burkholderia cenocepacia J2315
8994616 Salinibacter ruber M8
9076172 Zunongwangia profunda SM-A87
9100085 Paracoccidioides sp. 'lutzii' Pb01
100135685 Ovis aries
100145284 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
80150 Homo sapiens
66514 Mus musculus
246307 Rattus norvegicus
767970 Bos taurus
541402 Danio rerio
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