anti-Carboxypeptidase Q (CPQ) Anticorps

plays a role in liver regeneration. De plus, nous expédions et et beaucoup plus de produits pour cette protéine.

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CPQ 10404 Q9Y646
CPQ 54381 Q9WVJ3
CPQ 58952 Q6IRK9
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Catalogue No. Reactivité Hôte Conjugué Application Images Quantité Livraison Prix Détails
Boeuf (Vache) Lapin Inconjugué WB WB Suggested Anti-PGCP Antibody Titration:  0.2-1 ug/ml  ELISA Titer:  1:62500  Positive Control:  NCI-H226 cell lysate 100 μL 2 to 3 Days
Boeuf (Vache) Lapin Inconjugué WB 100 μL 11 to 14 Days
Humain Lapin Inconjugué IHC (p), WB WB Image Sample(30 μg of whole cell lysate) A:Raji, 7.5% SDS PAGE antibody diluted at 1:500 IHC-P Image PGCP antibody detects PGCP protein at cytosol on U373 xenograft by immunohistochemical analysis. Sample: Paraffin-embedded U373 xenograft. PGCP antibody , dilution: 1:500. 100 μL 3 to 4 Days
Souris Lapin Inconjugué WB Western blot analysis of extracts of mouse liver cells, using CPQ antibody. 100 μL 11 to 13 Days
Humain Lapin Inconjugué WB PGCP antibody used at 1 ug/ml to detect target protein. 50 μg 9 to 11 Days
Humain Souris Inconjugué WB Western Blot analysis of PGCP expression in transfected 293T cell line by PGCP MaxPab polyclonal antibody.Lane 1: PGCP transfected lysate(51.92 KDa).Lane 2: Non-transfected lysate. 50 μg 11 to 12 Days
Humain Lapin Inconjugué IHC, IHC (p), WB   100 μL 11 to 14 Days
Humain Lapin Cy7 IF (p)   100 μL 14 to 21 Days
Humain Lapin Cy3 IF (p)   100 μL 14 to 21 Days
Humain Lapin Cy5 IF (p)   100 μL 14 to 21 Days

Plus d’anticorps contre CPQ partenaires d’interaction

Human Carboxypeptidase Q (CPQ) interaction partners

  1. PGCP negatively associates with Wnt/beta-catenin signaling during metastasis. Targeting this regulation may represent a novel and effective therapeutic option for liver cancer by preventing metastatic activity of primary tumor cells.

  2. Data provide evidence that PGCP promoter hypermethylation is associated with human bronchial epithelial cells immortalization and lung cancer.

CPQ profil antigène

Profil protéine

plays a role in liver regeneration

Gene names and symbols associated with anti-Carboxypeptidase Q (CPQ) Anticorps

  • carboxypeptidase Q (CPQ) anticorps
  • carboxypeptidase Q (Cpq) anticorps
  • carboxypeptidase Q L homeolog (cpq.L) anticorps
  • 1190003P12Rik anticorps
  • 2610034C17Rik anticorps
  • Hls2 anticorps
  • LAL anticorps
  • lal-1 anticorps
  • LDP anticorps
  • MGC80390 anticorps
  • pgcp anticorps

Protein level used designations for anti-Carboxypeptidase Q (CPQ) Anticorps

Ser-Met dipeptidase , aminopeptidase , blood plasma glutamate carboxypeptidase , lysosomal dipeptidase , hematopoietic lineage switch 2 , plasma glutamate carboxypeptidase , hematopoietic lineage switch 2 related protein , hls2-rp , liver annexin like-1 , liver annexin-like protein 1 , carboxypeptidase Q

10404 Homo sapiens
54381 Mus musculus
58952 Rattus norvegicus
443977 Xenopus laevis
540923 Bos taurus
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