Catenin (Cadherin-Associated Protein), alpha-Like 1 (CTNNAL1) Kits ELISA

May modulate the Rho pathway signaling by providing a scaffold for the Lbc Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor (ARHGEF1) (By similarity).. De plus, nous expédions CTNNAL1 Anticorps (26) et CTNNAL1 Protéines (5) et beaucoup plus de produits pour cette protéine.

list all ELISA KIts Gène GeneID UniProt
Anti-Rat CTNNAL1 CTNNAL1 298019  
Anti-Souris CTNNAL1 CTNNAL1 54366 O88327
Anti-Humain CTNNAL1 CTNNAL1 8727 Q9UBT7
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Plus Kits ELISA pour CTNNAL1 partenaires d'interaction

Mouse (Murine) Catenin (Cadherin-Associated Protein), alpha-Like 1 (CTNNAL1) interaction partners

  1. Force-dependent conformational switch of alpha-catenin (Montrer CTNNA1 Kits ELISA) controls vinculin (Montrer VCL Kits ELISA) binding.

  2. Alpha-catenin (Montrer CTNNA1 Kits ELISA) has a novel role in fine-tuning of tissues' viscosity and surface tension through contractility.

  3. the interaction between alpha-catulin and alpha-dystrobrevin (Montrer DTNA Kits ELISA) is evolutionarily conserved in C. elegans and mouse muscles and strongly suggests that this interaction contributes to the integrity of the dystrophin (Montrer DMD Kits ELISA) complex

  4. We observed the temporal and spatial distribution of CTNNAL1 expression in mouse lung tissue with the OVA-sensitized asthma model and found that the level of CTNNAL1 mRNA showed a prominent negative correlation with pulmonary resistance.

  5. This study identifies the E-cadherin (Montrer CDH1 Kits ELISA)/catenin complex as a discriminative, partly polyamine-regulated feature of IL-4 (Montrer IL4 Kits ELISA)/IL-13 (Montrer IL13 Kits ELISA)-exposed alternatively activated macrophages

Human Catenin (Cadherin-Associated Protein), alpha-Like 1 (CTNNAL1) interaction partners

  1. These data indicated that upregulated expression of alpha-catulin protein might have impact on the tumorigenesis of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

  2. Alpha-catulin contributes to drug-resistance of melanoma by activating NF-kappaB (Montrer NFKB1 Kits ELISA) and AP-1 (Montrer FOSB Kits ELISA)

  3. these results strongly indicate that alpha-catulin contributes to the invasive behavior of metastatic cells and may be used as a prognostic marker and future therapeutic target for patients with cancer.

  4. our study shows that alpha-catulin plays a critical role in cancer metastasis

  5. findings show that alpha-catulin is highly expressed in melanoma cells; expression of alpha-catulin promoted melanoma progression and occurred concomitantly with the downregulation of E-cadherin (Montrer CDH1 Kits ELISA) and the upregulation of expression of mesenchymal genes

  6. a robust transcriptional CTNNAL1 up-regulation occurs during acute ozone-induced stress and is mediated at least in part by ozone-induced recruitments of LEF-1 (Montrer LEF1 Kits ELISA) and AP-2alpha (Montrer TFAP2A Kits ELISA) to the human CTNNAL1 promoter

  7. Study provides evidence that alpha-catulin promotes tumor growth by preventing cellular senescence and suggests that downregulating alpha-catulin may be a promising therapeutic approach for cancer treatment.

  8. Data show that alpha-dystrobrevin (Montrer DTNA Kits ELISA)-1 recruits alpha-catulin, which supersensitizes alpha(1D)-AR functional responses by recruiting effector molecules to the signalosome.

  9. the Lbc (Montrer AKAP13 Kits ELISA)/alpha-catulin axis participates in 5-HT (Montrer DDC Kits ELISA)-induced PASMC mitogenesis and RhoA (Montrer RHOA Kits ELISA)/ROCK signaling, and may be an interventional target in diseases involving vascular smooth muscle remodeling.

  10. alpha-catulin maps precisely to the familial dysautonomia candidate region on 9q31.

CTNNAL1 profil antigène

Antigen Summary

May modulate the Rho pathway signaling by providing a scaffold for the Lbc Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor (ARHGEF1) (By similarity).

Gene names and symbols associated with CTNNAL1

  • catenin alpha-like 1 (Ctnnal1) anticorps
  • catenin alpha-like 1 S homeolog (ctnnal1.S) anticorps
  • catenin alpha like 1 (CTNNAL1) anticorps
  • catenin alpha-like 1 (ctnnal1) anticorps
  • alpha-catulin (LOC100548949) anticorps
  • catenin (cadherin associated protein), alpha-like 1 (Ctnnal1) anticorps
  • ACRP anticorps
  • AI616177 anticorps
  • alpha-CATU anticorps
  • AW545119 anticorps
  • C86009 anticorps
  • Catnal1 anticorps
  • CLLP anticorps
  • CTNNAL1 anticorps
  • DKFZp468D066 anticorps
  • MGC78800 anticorps

Protein level used designations for CTNNAL1

alpha-catulin , catenin alpha-like 1 , catenin (cadherin-associated protein), alpha-like 1 , Alpha-catulin , alpha-catenin related protein , alpha-catenin-related protein , catenin alpha-like protein 1 , ACRP , alpha2-catulin

298019 Rattus norvegicus
446448 Xenopus laevis
610662 Canis lupus familiaris
710389 Macaca mulatta
100010644 Monodelphis domestica
100059165 Equus caballus
100125045 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100172294 Pongo abelii
100548949 Meleagris gallopavo
100585334 Nomascus leucogenys
100626033 Sus scrofa
54366 Mus musculus
8727 Homo sapiens
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