FERM Domain Containing 7 Protéines (FRMD7)

Mutations in FRMD7 are associated with X-linked congenital nystagmus. De plus, nous expédions FRMD7 Anticorps (34) et beaucoup plus de produits pour cette protéine.

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FRMD7 90167 Q6ZUT3
FRMD7 385354 A2AD83
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Cellules d'insectes Humain His tag „Crystallography Grade“ protein due to multi-step, protein-specific purification process 1 mg Connectez-vous pour afficher 60 Days
Cellules d'insectes Souris His tag „Crystallography Grade“ protein due to multi-step, protein-specific purification process 1 mg Connectez-vous pour afficher 60 Days

FRMD7 Protéines protéines par origine et source

Origin Exprimée danse Conjugué

Mouse (Murine)

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Human FERM Domain Containing 7 (FRMD7) interaction partners

  1. A novel mutation in the FRMD7 gene causing idiopathic congenital nystagmus was identified G to T transition (c.886G>T) in exon 9 that resulted in the conservative substitution of a glycine to a cysteine at codon 296.

  2. These results enriched the gene mutation spectrum of FRMD7.

  3. infantile nystagmus syndrome with FRMD7 mutations in our cases was caused primarily de novo and missense mutations

  4. Our findings provide further insights into FRMD7 mutations, which could be helpful for future genetic diagnosis and genetic counselling of Chinese patients with nystagmus.

  5. We also demonstrated abnormal developments of afferent system in patients with FRMD7 mutations using optical coherence tomography, which may help to understand the etiological factor in development of nystagmus

  6. this study adds a novel mutation (p.I240T) to the existing spectrum of FRMD7 mutations with Congenital, X-Linked Nystagmus.

  7. we report three novel mutations in FRMD7 in three independent families with XLICN, and provide molecular insights for future XLICN diagnosis and treatment.

  8. a novel mutation c.556A>G (p.M186V) in the gene FRMD7 causes X-linked idiopathic congenital nystagmus in a North Indian family

  9. We investigated the role of mutations and copy number variations (CNV) of FRMD7 and GPR143 (Montrer GPR143 Protéines) in the molecular pathogenesis of IIN in 49 unrelated Belgian probands.

  10. Abnormal retinal development is associated with FRMD7 mutations.

Mouse (Murine) FERM Domain Containing 7 (FRMD7) interaction partners

  1. FRMD7 as a key regulator in establishing a neuronal circuit asymmetry

  2. A novel splice variant of FRMD7 (FRMD7-S) with a shortened exon 4 relative to the original form of FRMD7 (FRMD7-FL) was identified from the cDNA of the human NT2 cell line and mouse fetal brain.

  3. FRMD7 expression is spatially and temporally regulated in human and mouse brain during embryonic and fetal development.

Profil protéine FRMD7

Profil protéine

Mutations in this gene are associated with X-linked congenital nystagmus.

Gene names and symbols associated with FRMD7

  • FERM domain containing 7 (FRMD7)
  • FERM domain containing 7 (Frmd7)
  • EG665849 Protéine
  • Gm1533 Protéine
  • NYS Protéine
  • NYS1 Protéine
  • XIPAN Protéine

Protein level used designations for FRMD7

FERM domain-containing protein 7

90167 Homo sapiens
385354 Mus musculus
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