Granzyme H (Cathepsin G-Like 2, Protein H-CCPX) (GZMH) Kits ELISA

The protein encoded by GZMH is a member of the granzyme family. De plus, nous expédions Granzyme H (Cathepsin G-Like 2, Protein H-CCPX) Anticorps (50) et Granzyme H (Cathepsin G-Like 2, Protein H-CCPX) Protéines (9) et beaucoup plus de produits pour cette protéine.

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GZMH 2999 P20718
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Humain 3.9 pg/mL 15.6-1000 pg/mL Typical standard curve 96 Tests 13 to 16 Days
  96 Tests 26 to 36 Days

Granzyme H (Cathepsin G-Like 2, Protein H-CCPX) Kits ELISA mieux référencés

  1. Human GZMH Kit ELISA pour Sandwich ELISA - ABIN857211 : Tahbaz-Lahafi, Akbari, Amir-Rassouli, Rahimipour, Azargashb, Nafissi, Jahani: Granzyme h serum levels variations with both reproductive hormone receptors, and related hormone receptors in breast cancer patients. dans Iranian journal of cancer prevention 2014 (PubMed)

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Human Granzyme H (Cathepsin G-Like 2, Protein H-CCPX) (GZMH) interaction partners

  1. Granzyme H did directly process DFF45, potentially leading to DNA damage.

  2. Upon reactive center loop cleavage at Phe-343,SERPINB1 covalently complexes with GzmH. SERPINB1 overexpression suppresses GzmH- or LAK cell-mediated cytotoxicity. Crystal structures show possible conformational changes in GzmH for the suicide inhibition.

  3. An unusual RKR motif (Arg39-Lys40-Arg41), conserved only in GzmH, helps define the S3' and S4' binding regions, indicating the preference for acidic residues at the P3' and P4' sites.

  4. GzmH suppresses viral replication through association with the hepatitis B virus x protein.

  5. Granzyme C rapidly induces target cell death by attacking nuclear and mitochondrial targets and that these targets are distinct from those used by granzyme B to cause classical apoptosis.

  6. granzyme H complements the pro-apoptotic function of granzyme B in human NK cells

  7. Granzyme H destroys the function of critical adenoviral proteins required for viral DNA replication and granzyme B inhibition.

  8. Expression levels of GzmH in naive natural killer cells and its killing ability support the role of the protease in triggering an alternative cell-death pathway in innate immunity.

  9. GzmH may play an essential role in caspase-dependent pathogen clearance in the innate immunity that may complement the proapoptotic function of GzmB in human NK cells.

  10. Granzyme H could have evolved a proteolytic specificity that both interferes directly with adenovirus replication and prevents the virus from blocking the potent pro-apoptotic activity of granzyme B.

  11. Cleavage of La protein by granzyme H generates a COOH-terminal truncated form of La protein that loses nuclear localization and decreases hepatitis C virus-internal ribosome entry site-mediated translational activity.

Granzyme H (Cathepsin G-Like 2, Protein H-CCPX) (GZMH) profil antigène

Antigen Summary

The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the granzyme family. Members of this family are highly conserved serine proteases that eliminate transformed cells and virus-infected cells. This protein, which has chymotrypsin-like activity, has a preference for bulky aromatic amino acids at the P1 position and for acidic residues at the P3' and P4' positions. This protein is reported to be constitutively expressed in NK cells and may play a role in the cytotoxic arm of the innate immune response by inducing target cell death and by directly cleaving substrates in pathogen-infected cells. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants that encode different protein isoforms.

Gene names and symbols associated with GZMH

  • granzyme H (LOC617313) anticorps
  • granzyme H (GZMH) anticorps
  • CCP-X anticorps
  • CGL-2 anticorps
  • CSP-C anticorps
  • CTLA1 anticorps
  • CTSGL2 anticorps
  • GZMH anticorps

Protein level used designations for GZMH

granzyme H , cytotoxic T-lymphocyte proteinase , cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated serine esterase 1 , cytotoxin serine protease-C

617313 Bos taurus
100113476 Felis catus
2999 Homo sapiens
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