Laminin, alpha 3 Protéines (LAMA3)

Laminins are basement membrane components thought to mediate the attachment, migration and organization of cells into tissues during embryonic development by interacting with other extracellular matrix components. De plus, nous expédions LAMA3 Anticorps (53) et LAMA3 Kits (14) et beaucoup plus de produits pour cette protéine.

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LAMA3 3909 Q16787
Souris LAMA3 LAMA3 16774  
Rat LAMA3 LAMA3 307582  
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Escherichia coli (E. coli) Humain His tag 100 μg Connectez-vous pour afficher 15 to 18 Days
Wheat germ Humain GST tag 10 μg Connectez-vous pour afficher 11 to 12 Days

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Human ,

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Horse (Equine) Laminin, alpha 3 (LAMA3) interaction partners

  1. A 6589-bp deletion spanning exons 24-27 was found in the LAMA3 gene in American Saddlebred foals born with the skin-blistering condition epitheliogenesis imperfecta

Human Laminin, alpha 3 (LAMA3) interaction partners

  1. Seventeen percent of the patients were compound heterozygous or homozygous for mutations in the gene LAMA3, 59% carried mutations in both alleles of LAMB3 (Montrer LAMB3 Protéines), and 12% were homozygous for mutations in LAMC2 (Montrer LAMC2 Protéines). In nine patients with severe generalized JEB, detection of two mutations in one of the genes LAMA3, LAMB3 (Montrer LAMB3 Protéines), or LAMC2 (Montrer LAMC2 Protéines) was not possible, so the molecular basis of disease could not be clarified completely

  2. Both parents had offspring affected with JEB and displayed subtle enamel pitting of secondary dentition without any sign of skin blistering. The reported enamel abnormality in LAMA3 mutation carriers could be attributed to a half dose effect of the laminin a3 chain

  3. Two of the six genes (LAMA3 and DST (Montrer DST Protéines)) validated by quantitative RT-PCR for tumor-specific alternative splicing events

  4. LAMNA variants have been identified in atrial fibrillation cohort studies, demonstrating abnormalities in cardiac excitation - supra ventricular tachycardia and atrial fibrillation.

  5. We established the LAMA3 gene as novel potential susceptibility gene for atopic dermatitis.

  6. Expression of a3, beta3 and beta2 cannot predict the prognosis. However, high expression of beta2 mRNA in HCC (Montrer FAM126A Protéines)/non-cancerous liver correlated significantly with the absence of complete encapsulation, which is an important tumor invasiveness factor.

  7. Results describe a new pedigree identifying a novel mutation of LAMA3 in LOC (Montrer ILK Protéines) syndrome

  8. A male patient with Herlitz junctional epidermolysis bullosa with a novel homozygosity for insertion LAMA3 Premature Termination Codon mutation is described. Both parents and his sibling were shown to be heterozygous carriers.

  9. High LAMA3 expression is associated with gastric cancer.

  10. tumor cell migration on laminin-5 is inhibited by HYD1 (Montrer MSX1 Protéines), a biologically active integrin-targeting peptide

Mouse (Murine) Laminin, alpha 3 (LAMA3) interaction partners

  1. Deletion of the Lama3 gene leads to abnormnal development of glomerular endothelial and mesangial cells.

Profil protéine LAMA3

Profil protéine

Laminins are basement membrane components thought to mediate the attachment, migration and organization of cells into tissues during embryonic development by interacting with other extracellular matrix components. The protein encoded by this gene is the alpha-3 subunit of laminin 5, which is a complex glycoprotein composed of three subunits (alpha, beta, and gamma). Laminin 5 is thought to be involved in cell adhesion, signal transduction and differentiation of keratinocytes. Mutations in this gene have been identified as the cause of Herlitz type junctional epidermolysis bullosa. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been identified for this gene.

Gene names and symbols associated with Laminin, alpha 3 Protéines (LAMA3)

  • laminin subunit alpha 3 (LAMA3)
  • laminin subunit alpha-3 (LOC100401798)
  • laminin subunit alpha-3 (LOC100484669)
  • laminin subunit alpha 3 (lama3)
  • laminin, alpha 3 (Lama3)
  • laminin subunit alpha 3 (Lama3)
  • BM600 Protéine
  • E170 Protéine
  • LAMA3 Protéine
  • lama3a Protéine
  • Lama3B Protéine
  • LAMNA Protéine
  • LOCS Protéine
  • [a]3B Protéine

Protein level used designations for Laminin, alpha 3 Protéines (LAMA3)

laminin, alpha 3 , laminin alpha 3 subunit , alpha3A chain laminin , laminin subunit alpha-3-like , BM600 150kD subunit , epiligrin 170 kda subunit , epiligrin alpha 3 subunit , epiligrin subunit alpha , kalinin 165kD subunit , kalinin subunit alpha , laminin subunit alpha-3 , laminin, alpha 3 (nicein (150kD), kalinin (165kD), BM600 (150kD), epilegrin) , laminin-5 alpha 3 chain , laminin-5 subunit alpha , laminin-6 subunit alpha , laminin-7 subunit alpha , nicein 150kD subunit , nicein subunit alpha , nicein, 150kDa , laminin 5 alpha 3

428524 Gallus gallus
455339 Pan troglodytes
480173 Canis lupus familiaris
701313 Macaca mulatta
791238 Equus caballus
100401798 Callithrix jacchus
100484669 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100496680 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100511642 Sus scrofa
100540219 Meleagris gallopavo
100561436 Anolis carolinensis
3909 Homo sapiens
16774 Mus musculus
307582 Rattus norvegicus
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