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Iron-sulfur clusters are required for the function of many cellular enzymes.

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NFS1 9054 Q9Y697
NFS1 84594  
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Humain Souris Inconjugué WB   50 μg 11 to 16 Days
Humain Lapin Inconjugué ELISA, IF/ICC, IHC, WB   50 μL 11 to 16 Days

Plus d’anticorps contre NFS1 Cysteine Desulfurase partenaires d’interaction

Human NFS1 Cysteine Desulfurase (NFS1) interaction partners

  1. Study reports 3.2 A resolution cryo-electron microscopy structure of the FXN-bound active human iron-sulfur clusters biosynthesis complex. FXN binds at the interface of two NFS1 and one ISCU subunits, modifying the local environment of a bound zinc ion that would otherwise inhibit NFS1 activity in complexes without FXN.

  2. FXN binds the NFS1-ISD11-ACP-ISCU complex (SDAU), to activate the desulfurase activity and Fe-S cluster biosynthesis. In the absence of FXN, the NFS1-ISD11-ACP (SDA) complex was reportedly inhibited by binding of recombinant ISCU

  3. analysis of the NFS1-ISD11-ACP (SDA) complex forms the core of the iron-sulfur (Fe-S) assembly complex and associates with assembly proteins ISCU2, frataxin (FXN), and ferredoxin to synthesize Fe-S clusters

  4. NFS1 maintains the iron sulfur clusters in proteins that are essential for protecting them from oxidative damage; inactivating NFS1 or iron sulfur clusters can trigger ferroptosis, a non-apoptotic form of cell death, in cancer cells

  5. human NFS1 was almost fully able to complement the role of IscS in Moco biosynthesis when its specific interaction partner protein MOCS3 from humans was also present.

  6. The NFS1/ISD11 complex further interacts with scaffold protein ISCU and regulator protein frataxin, thereby forming a quaternary complex for Fe-S cluster formation.

  7. FDX1 and FDX2 both bind NFS1 and donate electrons for iron-sulfur cluster biosynthesis.

  8. Molecular dynamics flexible fitting of protein structures docked into the EM map of the model revealed a [FXN(42-210)]24.[NFS1]24.[ISD11]24.[ISCU]24 complex, consistent with the measured 1:1:1:1 stoichiometry of its four components.

  9. Our findings highlight that the ISD11 R68A/R68L mutation display reduced affinity to form a stable subcomplex with NFS1, and thereby fails to prevent NFS1 aggregation resulting in impairment of the Fe-S cluster biogenesis

  10. The data presented here show that the Isu1 suppressor mimics the frataxin effects on Nfs1, explaining the bypassing activity.

  11. NFS1 binds preferentially to the D-state of ISCU while mtHSP70 binds preferentially to the D-state of ISCU and HSC20 binds preferentially to the S-state of ISCU.

  12. the interaction of NFS1 and MOCS3 in the cytosol of human cells, is reported.

  13. Nfs1, the cysteine desulfurase responsible for providing sulfur for cluster formation, is required for the increased Isu stability occurring after disruption of cluster formation on or transfer from Isu

  14. the cytosolic form of ISCS is a functional cysteine desulfurase that can collaborate with cytosolic ISCU to promote de novo iron-sulfur cluster formation

  15. Results show that human Nfs1 is required inside mitochondria for efficient maturation of cellular iron/sulfur proteins.

  16. Nfs1 acts as a sulfur donor for MOCS3, a protein involved in molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis

  17. Icp55 protease and its substrate Nfs1 appear to be dual distributed between the nucleus and mitochondria

NFS1 Cysteine Desulfurase (NFS1) profil antigène

Profil protéine

Iron-sulfur clusters are required for the function of many cellular enzymes. The proteins encoded by this gene supply inorganic sulfur to these clusters by removing the sulfur from cysteine, creating alanine in the process. This gene uses alternate in-frame translation initiation sites to generate mitochondrial forms and cytoplasmic/nuclear forms. Selection of the alternative initiation sites is determined by the cytosolic pH. The encoded proteins belong to the class-V family of pyridoxal phosphate-dependent aminotransferases. Alternatively spliced transcript variants have been described.

Gene names and symbols associated with NFS1

  • NFS1, cysteine desulfurase (NFS1) anticorps
  • NFS1 cysteine desulfurase (Nfs1) anticorps
  • IscS anticorps
  • Nifs anticorps

Protein level used designations for NFS1

NFS1 nitrogen fixation 1 homolog , cysteine desulfurase, mitochondrial , nitrogen fixation 1 (S. cerevisiae, homolog) , nitrogen-fixing bacteria S-like protein , nitrogen fixation gene 1

9054 Homo sapiens
84594 Rattus norvegicus
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