Protein Tob1 Protéines (TOB1)

Anti-proliferative protein; the function is mediated by association with deadenylase subunits of the CCR4-NOT complex. De plus, nous expédions Protein Tob1 Anticorps (76) et Protein Tob1 Kits (4) et beaucoup plus de produits pour cette protéine.

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TOB1 170842  
TOB1 22057 Q61471
TOB1 10140 P50616
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Catalogue No. Origin Source Conjugué Images Quantité Fournisseur Livraison Prix Détails
Cellules d'insectes Souris His tag „Crystallography Grade“ protein due to multi-step, protein-specific purification process 1 mg Connectez-vous pour afficher 50 Days
Cellules d'insectes Humain His tag „Crystallography Grade“ protein due to multi-step, protein-specific purification process 1 mg Connectez-vous pour afficher 50 Days
Wheat germ Humain GST tag 10 μg Connectez-vous pour afficher 11 to 12 Days
Levure Rat His tag   1 mg Connectez-vous pour afficher 60 to 71 Days

TOB1 Protéines protéines par origine et source

Origin Exprimée danse Conjugué
Rat (Rattus)

Mouse (Murine)

Human ,

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Mouse (Murine) Protein Tob1 (TOB1) interaction partners

  1. Immune cell-specific transcriptional profiling highlights distinct molecular pathways controlled by Tob1 upon experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.

  2. MiR-26a exerts its effect by directly targeting Tob1, the negative regulator of BMP/Smad signaling pathway by binding to the 3'-untranslated region and thus repressing Tob1 protein expression

  3. Collectively, our data support a model of CNOT7, TOB1, CNOT1, and RNA-binding proteins collectively exerting post-transcriptional control on a metastasis suppressive transcriptional program to drive tumor cell metastasis

  4. Nfatc2 and Tob1 have non-overlapping function in T cell negative regulation and tumorigenesis.

  5. Tob1(-/-), Tob2 (Montrer TOB2 Protéines)(-/-), and Tob1/2 double knockout (DKO, Tob1(-/-) & Tob2 (Montrer TOB2 Protéines)(-/-)) embryonic stem cells (ESCs (Montrer NR2E3 Protéines)) grew faster than wild type (WT) ESCs (Montrer NR2E3 Protéines) without losing pluripotency.

  6. The expression of Tob1 was significantly increased at day 6 during C2C12 differentiation time, suggesting a possible role in skeletal muscle development.

  7. Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in Tob1-eficient mice is associated with augmented central nervous system inflammation, increased infiltrating CD4 (Montrer CD4 Protéines)+ and CD8 (Montrer CD8A Protéines)+ T cell counts, and increased myelin-reactive Th1 (Montrer HAND1 Protéines) and Th17 cells

  8. Tob1 is a crucial check point molecule that modulates the expression and activity of cell cycle proteins.

  9. Phosphorylation of three regulatory serines of Tob by Erk1 and Erk2 is required for Ras-mediated cell proliferation and transformation

  10. regulation of nuclear localization of Tob is important for its antiproliferative activity

Human Protein Tob1 (TOB1) interaction partners

  1. MiR-590 targets Tob1 that is significantly decreased in patients with multiple sclerosis.

  2. The dual-luciferase reporter assay also confirmed that miR (Montrer MLXIP Protéines)-25 harbored the A allele which caused an incapacitation of binding at the TOB1. In conclusion, rs41274221 in miR (Montrer MLXIP Protéines)-25 was a subgroup which may protect the patients from further growth and metastasis of gastric cancer and might serve as a novel biomarker for the disease

  3. A novel role for TOB1 in mediating survival of estrogen-independent breast cancers.

  4. Reduced TOB1 expression in gastric adenocarcinoma is associated with the extent of differentiation and the TNM (Montrer ODZ1 Protéines) stage of gastric cancer.

  5. miR-25 promotes GC progression by directly downregulating TOB1 expression, and may be a noninvasive biomarker for the prognosis of GC patients.

  6. arsenite-induced oxidative stress inhibits deadenylation of mRNA primarily through downregulation of Tob (Montrer TDO2 Protéines) and Pan3, both of which mediate the recruitment of deadenylases to mRNA

  7. Tob (Montrer TDO2 Protéines) is a key factor in the regulation of c-myc (Montrer MYC Protéines) gene expression, which is essential for cell growth.

  8. TOB1 demonstrated a radioprotective function in the immortalized normal human bronchial epithelial cell line.

  9. TOB1 modulates the radiosensitivity of lung cancer cells via the MAPK/ERK (Montrer MAPK1 Protéines) signaling pathway.

  10. Cdc7 (Montrer CDC7 Protéines) phosphorylates and interacts with Tob (Montrer TDO2 Protéines) to inhibit the Cul4-DDB1(Cdt2 (Montrer DTL Protéines))-dependent Tob (Montrer TDO2 Protéines) degradation.

Profil protéine Protein Tob1 (TOB1)

Profil protéine

This gene encodes a member of the transducer of erbB-2 /B-cell translocation gene protein family. Members of this family are anti-proliferative factors that have the potential to regulate cell growth. The encoded protein may function as a tumor suppressor. Alternate splicing results in multiple transcript variants.

Gene names and symbols associated with Protein Tob1 Protéines (TOB1)

  • transducer of ErbB-2.1 (Tob1)
  • transducer of ERBB2, 1 (TOB1)
  • transducer of ERBB2, 1a (tob1a)
  • transducer of ERBB2, 1 (Tob1)
  • transducer of ERBB2, 1 S homeolog (tob1.S)
  • transducer of ERBB2, 1b (tob1b)
  • APRO5 Protéine
  • APRO6 Protéine
  • PIG49 Protéine
  • TOB Protéine
  • tob1 Protéine
  • tob1l Protéine
  • TROB Protéine
  • TROB1 Protéine
  • wu:fb54d02 Protéine
  • wu:fb98h12 Protéine
  • wu:fd15f10 Protéine
  • zgc:65837 Protéine

Protein level used designations for Protein Tob1 Protéines (TOB1)

protein Tob1 , transducer of ERBB2, 1 , Transducer of erbB-2 1 , transducer of erbB2 , proliferation-inducing gene 49 , transducer of erbB-2 1 , transducer of ERBB2, 1 S homeolog

170842 Rattus norvegicus
22057 Mus musculus
10140 Homo sapiens
386629 Danio rerio
100727297 Cavia porcellus
398757 Xenopus laevis
406245 Danio rerio
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