Shadow of Prion Protein Homolog (Zebrafish) (SPRN) Kits ELISA

Prion-like protein that has PrP(C)-like neuroprotective activity. De plus, nous expédions SPRN Anticorps (46) et SPRN Protéines (8) et beaucoup plus de produits pour cette protéine.

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SPRN 212518 Q8BWU1
Anti-Humain SPRN SPRN 503542 Q5BIV9
Anti-Rat SPRN SPRN 541462 Q5BIV7
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Souris 0.039 ng/mL 0.156-10 ng/mL Typical standard curve 96 Tests 15 to 18 Days

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Mouse (Murine) Shadow of Prion Protein Homolog (Zebrafish) (SPRN) interaction partners

  1. Data suggest that expression of shadoo in neuron or hepatocyte cell lines induces same toxic phenotype of drug hypersensitivity as prion protein/PrP(-central region); this effect is counteracted by co-expression of PrP-wild-type.

  2. No significant differences in survival, the incubation period of prion disease or other disease features were observed between Sho mutant and WT mice

  3. These observations suggest that Shadoo can affect the prion replication process by (i) acting as a holdase and (ii) interfering with the dominant-negative inhibitor effect of the C1 fragment.

  4. Data suggest that glycosylation status of the prion protein and yet-to-be-dentified proteases modulate internal C1 and C2 endoproteolysis of Shadoo (shadow of prion protein) and Doppel (doppelganger prion) in mouse neurons.

  5. binding of Sho to anionic liposomes has disruptive effect on integrity of lipid bilayer leading to formation of supramolecular lipid-protein complexes. prion diseases might depend on the oligomerization state of Sho and on these lipoprotein assembles.

  6. Sho is not pi, or, given the accumulating data for many activities for PrP (C) , the pi hypothesis invoking a discrete signaling pathway to maintain neuronal viability is no longer tenable.

  7. Here we report that Shadoo (Sho)-a member of the prion protein superfamily-is also found in the nucleus of several neural and non-neural cell lines as visualized by using an YFP-Sho construct

  8. the Sho region N-terminal to the hydrophobic domain includes tandem positively charged "RGG boxes", predicted to bind RNA. Here, we demonstrate that Sho binds DNA and RNA in vitro via this arginine-rich region.

  9. using various Prnp transgenic mouse lines and lentiviral vectors expressing shRNAs that target the Shadoo-encoding mRNA, we further demonstrate the specific requirement of at least one of these two PrP-related proteins at early developmental stages

  10. Knockout of the prion protein (PrP)-like Sprn gene does not produce embryonic lethality in combination with PrP(C)-deficiency.

  11. the developmental expression of Shadoo between 10.5 and 14.5 dpc was described.

  12. The results of this study concluded that Shadoo has little or no influence on the outcome of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) disease in transgenic mice.

  13. Sho may play a role in the physiological function of PrP(C) and prion pathogenesis.

  14. Sho is a candidate for pi, and since it engenders a PrP(C)-like neuroprotective activity, compromised neuroprotective activity resulting from reduced levels exacerbate damage in prion infections.

  15. Sprn does not play a major role in prion disease incubation time in mice.

  16. Shadoo-encoding gene knockdown in PrP-knockout mouse embryos results in a lethal phenotype, occurring between E8 and E11, not observed on the wild-type genetic background.

Human Shadow of Prion Protein Homolog (Zebrafish) (SPRN) interaction partners

  1. Shadoo is degraded in Scrapie-infected rodents and cultured cells mediated by proteasome degradation after modification by ubiquitination.

  2. a conserved physiological activity between PrP(C) and Sho to protect cells from stress-induced toxicity and suggests that Sho and PrP(C) might act on similar signaling pathways.

  3. A novel solid phase technology for high- throughput synthesis of the SPRN gene is reported.

  4. Association of a null allele of SPRN with variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Cow (Bovine) Shadow of Prion Protein Homolog (Zebrafish) (SPRN) interaction partners

  1. Genetic characterization of PRNP promoter indel variations and the polymorphism of open reading frames (ORFs) of PRNP and bovine prion-like Shadoo (SPRN) genes, are reported.

  2. Sho as a non-PrP specific marker for prion infections, with obex as the best tissue source for the detection of Sho in transmissible spongiform encephalopathies rapid tests.

  3. SPRN has the typical two-exon PRNP arrangement, with the CDS fully contained within exon 2; furthermore, it codes for a 143-amino-acid protein with 74.8% identity and 84.7% similarity with the human PRNP.

SPRN profil antigène

Antigen Summary

Prion-like protein that has PrP(C)-like neuroprotective activity. May act as a modulator for the biological actions of normal and abnormal PrP (By similarity).

Gene names and symbols associated with SPRN

  • shadow of prion protein (Sprn) anticorps
  • shadow of prion protein (sprn) anticorps
  • shadow of prion protein (SPRN) anticorps
  • bA108K14.1 anticorps
  • C630041J07 anticorps
  • p12 anticorps
  • SHADOO anticorps
  • SHO anticorps
  • Sho1 anticorps
  • sprna anticorps

Protein level used designations for SPRN

Shadoo , protein shadoo , shadoo , shadow of prion protein 1 , hypothetical protein BC004409 , shadow of prion protein , shadoo protein Sho

212518 Mus musculus
386702 Danio rerio
503542 Homo sapiens
541462 Rattus norvegicus
616266 Bos taurus
100302330 Ovis aries
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