iST Sample Preparation Kit

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Mass Spectrometry (MS), Sample Preparation (Prep)
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Fonction iST Kits offer all-in-one and simple-to-use solutions for reproducible preparation from any starting material to clean peptide mixtures in just 1 hour for LC-MS measurements.
Type d'échantillon Urine, Plasma, Cell Samples, Serum, Tissue Samples
Specificité - single-step lysis, denaturation, alkylation and reduction
- dual clean-up to remove hydrophilic & hydrophobic contaminants
- compatible with standard lab equipment
- results in ready-to-measure peptides
- works with less than 20 μg protein input
- ultrafast sample preparation workflow (total time <2.5 hours)
- more total & exclusive peptide and protein identifications compared to alternative workflows
Attributs du produit All-in-one for any starting material
- Simple-to-use, sensitive and fast
- Reproducible, reliable and robust
- Only standard lab equipment needed
Ingrédients The kit contains all you need to perform a complete sample preparation. It includes all chemicals to denature, reduce and alkylate proteins as well as the enzymes to perform a tryptic digest and a final clean up.
Matériel non inclus Common lab equipment is required for the sample preparation.
Indications d'application - proteome discovery
- validation of biosimilars
- immunoprecipitations
- body fluid analysis (blood, CSF, serum, urine, and more)

Sample preparation is one of the essential steps of bottom-up proteomics. The sample preparation kit is designed to assist you achieving best results with few sample preparation steps and little hands-on time.

Durée du test 4 - 5 h
Précision du teste high reproducibility (R2 >0.9)
Restrictions For Research Use only
Stock RT,-20 °C
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 image for iST Sample Preparation Kit (ABIN5542716) iST Sample Preparation Kit
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