Bovine Calf Plasma (Non-Steril In Sodium Heparin)

Détails pour le produit réf. ABIN925279, Fournisseur: Connectez-vous pour afficher
Immunoassay (IA), ELISA, Blocking Reagent (BR)
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Supplier Product No.
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Attributs du produit Strain: Bovine/Calf - mixed
Sex: Mixed
Purification Plasma
Stérilité Non-sterile
Indications d'application pH: normal Immunoelectrophoresis: normal Hemoglobin: normal IgG Concentration: normal

Bovine Plasma is used as a component of bioassays, immunoassays or enzyme assays. Bovine Plasma provides a broad spectrum of macromolecules, carrier proteins for lipoid substances and trace elements, attachment and spreading factors, low molecular weight nutrients, and hormones and growth factors that promote cell growth and health. Bovine Plasma is available as a sterile preparation for use as a cell culture supplement.
Synonyms: Bovine plasma for bioassay, control bovine plasma, non sterile plasma from bovine.

Restrictions For Research Use only
Format Liquid
Concentration 75 mg/mL
Buffer Sodium Heparin
Conseil sur la manipulation Avoid cycles of freezing and thawing. Use aseptic technique to maintain sterility when opening product.
Stock -20 °C
Date de péremption 12 months