TrueBlot® Secondaries

Western blot experiments of immunoprecipitated proteins offer highly specific results in theory, interpretation yet often suffer from heavy/light chain blotting, contamination, and ongoing interference. TrueBlot® monoclonal secondary antibodies only bind the native, non-reduced form of IgG over the reduced form of IgG. The ~55 kDa heavy and ~23 kDa light chain of the immunoprecipitating antibody are not recognized by TrueBlot® Secondaries, enabling unhindered detection of your blotted protein band of interest.

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Benefits of TrueBlot® Secondary Antibodies

  • Ideal for studying post-translational Protein modifications and Protein-Protein interactions
  • Only detect your target protein
  • Multiple Conjugates available
  • Suitable for non-IP Western Blot experiments as well

TrueBlot®: Detection without Heavy & Light Chain Interference


The figure above shows the Western Blot result for Caspase 7 following a typical IP procedure. HRP-conjugated Mouse TrueBlot® secondary antibody was used in Lane I, Lane II and III utilized a conventional HRP-conjugated anti-mouse Ig secondary.

Detection of the heavy and light chains of the immunoprecipitating antibody occurs only in Lane II and III. When Lane I is re-immunoblotted using conventional HRP-conjugated anti-mouse polyclonal antibody (Lane III), the heavy and light chains are now detected, confirming that although the immunoprecipitating heavy and light chains are present, Mouse ULTRA: Anti-Mouse Ig HRP (ABIN1589975) detects only native antibody and not denatured heavy and light chains.

TrueBlot® Secondary Antibodies Product Overview

TrueBlot® Citations (Highlights)

Journal of Virology:


  • Anti-Mouse Ig HRP ULTRA (TrueBlot®) used in: Bonono et al (2017): BAP1 regulates IP3R3-mediated Ca2+ flux to mitochondria suppressing cell transformation. Nature 546 (7659) 549-553.
  • Anti-Rabbit IgG HRP (TrueBlot®) used in: Emmett et al. (2017): Histone deacetylase 3 prepares brown adipose tissue for acute thermogenic challenge. Nature 546 (7659) 544-548.
  • Anti-Rabbit IgG HRP (TrueBlot®) used in: Perraki et al. (2018): Phosphocode-dependent functional dichotomy of a common co-receptor in plant signalling. Nature 561 (7722) 248-252.