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Anti-Cytomegalovirus IgG Antibody (CMV IgG) Kit ELISA Kit ELISA

CMV IgG Reactivité: Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Colorimetric Sandwich ELISA Serum
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  • Antigène
    Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
    Méthode de détection
    Type de méthode
    Sandwich ELISA
    ELISA-VIDITEST anti-CMV IgG and IgG avidity assay is a solid-phase immunoanalytical test.
    Type d'échantillon
    Serum, Plasma
    Analytical Method
    100 %
    The test is valid if: a. RAI of High avidity control serum is > 60 %. b. RAI of Low avidity control serum is < 40 %. c. The background of the reaction (the absorbance of the Dilution buffer) is less than 0.050. Precision and reproducibility of the test: Test were done with samples of various RAI value when performing the interassay and intraassay variability evaluation. Example of evaluation with samples containing high avidity antibodies (n=15): RAI range: 62 % - 91 %. Example of evaluation with samples low avidity antibodies (n=11): RAI range: 10 % - 38 % Example of intraassay variability (n = the number of parallels): n RAI in % ±δ % of mean 16 76 2% 2,6 % 16 61 4% 6,6 % 16 43 2% 4,7 % Example of interassay variability (n = 6): Mean RAI in %: 18 ± 1,8% min - max 17 - 21 % Mean RAI in %: 91 ± 4,3% min - max 89 - 98 % absorbance with urea solution absorbance with wash buffer x 100 = RAI (%)
    Attributs du produit
    The kit is designed for differentiation of primary and recurrent CMV infection. After primary infection human body produces mainly low avidity (bind with low affinity) IgG antibodies to viral antigens. Later, antibodies with high avidity prevail. The predominance of low avidity IgG antibodies indicates recent primary infection. Otherwise, individuals with predominance of high avidity antibodies underwent the primary infection in the past. If such individuals have the symptoms of active CMV infection it means the reactivation of the infection. The strips are coated by a mixture of specific antigens that bear immunodominant CMV epitopes. Each serum sample is applied into two wells in parallel (eventually, into four wells) and the anti-CMV antibodies present in serum bind to the immobilized antigens. The next step is the incubation of one well with a wash buffer, the second respective well with urea solution. Antibodies with low and high avidity are bound to the antigen in the first well, whereas in the second well the low avidity antibodies are released due to the high concentration of urea and only the high avidity antibody-antigen complexes remain. The bound antibodies are recognized by animal anti-human IgG antibodies labelled with horseradish peroxidase. The amount of the bound labelled antibodies is revealed by an enzymatic reaction that leads to a colour change. The presence of the low avidity antibodies is indicated by a drop of absorbance in wells where urea solution was added. The ratio between the optical density of the well without urea (the one with the wash buffer) and the corresponding well with urea represents relative avidity index (RAI).
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    Origin of standards: human plasma/ serum
    Number of standards: 5

    For Research Use only
  • Antigène
    Classe de substances
    Antibody, Antibody
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