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Popular Antibodies and ELISA kits

Index Popular Antibodies and ELISA kits
14-3-3 alpha + beta Anticorps
ACD Anticorps
Actin, alpha 2, Smooth Muscle, Aorta Anticorps
ACTN2 Anticorps
ADAMTS4 Anticorps
ADCY10 Anticorps
ADRB1 Anticorps
Albumin Anticorps
ALOX15 Anticorps
alpha Adducin Anticorps
Amphiregulin Anticorps
Angiomotin Anticorps
APAF1 Anticorps
APBB2 Anticorps
Apelin Receptor Anticorps
APLP1 Anticorps
APLP2 Anticorps
APOC1 Anticorps
APPL2 Anticorps
ARHGAP24 Anticorps
ARHGDIA Anticorps
ARHGEF1 Anticorps
ARHGEF2 Anticorps
ATG7 Anticorps
ATP1A2 Anticorps
Aurora Kinase B Anticorps
BACE2 Anticorps
Bcl-2 Anticorps
BCL11A Anticorps
BCL2-Associated X Protein Anticorps
BCOR Anticorps
C3AR1 Anticorps
C5 Anticorps
CAMLG Anticorps
CCBP2 Anticorps
CCL1 Anticorps
CCL19 Anticorps
CD130/gp130 Anticorps
CD137 Anticorps
CD14 Anticorps
CD19 Anticorps
CD200R1 Anticorps
CD28 Anticorps
CD2AP Anticorps
CD3 Anticorps
CD34 Anticorps
CD4 Anticorps
CD47 Anticorps
CD51 Anticorps
CD52 Anticorps
CD68 Anticorps
CD83 Anticorps
CD86 Anticorps
CD9 Anticorps
CDC27 Anticorps
CDK2AP1 Anticorps
CDK4 Anticorps
CDK5R1 Anticorps
CDK5R2 Anticorps
CGRP Anticorps
CHAF1A Anticorps
CLK3 Anticorps
CNTF Receptor alpha Anticorps
Colony Stimulating Factor 1 (Macrophage) Anticorps
COPS2 Anticorps
CPSF6 Anticorps
CRTC2 Anticorps
CSNK2A1/CK II alpha Anticorps
CSNK2A2 Anticorps
CTCF Anticorps
CXCL5 Anticorps
Cytokeratin 5 Anticorps
DAB2IP Anticorps
DBP Anticorps
DDX58 Anticorps
DEAF1 Anticorps
DEFB103A Anticorps
DIABLO Anticorps
DNMT1 Anticorps
DUSP6 Anticorps
E2F6 Anticorps
EGFR Anticorps
EIF2S1 Anticorps
ELK1 Anticorps
EPH Receptor B3 Anticorps
ERBB2IP Anticorps
ERN1 Anticorps
ESM1 Anticorps
ETFB Anticorps
ETS2 Anticorps
Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 5A Anticorps
F2RL3 Anticorps
FCER1G Anticorps
FE65 Anticorps
Fibronectin 1 Anticorps
FKBP1B Anticorps
FKBP8 Anticorps
FSH Anticorps
FSHB Anticorps
FYB Anticorps
FZD2 Anticorps
G6PC Anticorps
GAD Anticorps
GADD45A Anticorps
GAPDH Anticorps
GBP1 Anticorps
GCNT1 Anticorps
GFAP Anticorps
GIPC1 Anticorps
GLN1 Anticorps
GLS2 Anticorps
GLUT4 Anticorps
GPSM1 Anticorps
GRK6 Anticorps
GSTO2 Anticorps
Guanine Nucleotide Binding Protein (G Protein), beta Polypeptide 1 Anticorps
HBEGF Anticorps
HHEX Anticorps
HMGCR Anticorps
HRK Anticorps
Hsc70 Anticorps
HSP70 Anticorps
HSPG2 Anticorps
HTRA1 Anticorps
IFRD1 Anticorps
IKK alpha Anticorps
IKZF1 Anticorps
IL-6 Receptor Anticorps
IL13 Receptor alpha 1 Anticorps
IL17RC Anticorps
IL17RD Anticorps
IL23A Anticorps
IL2RG Anticorps
INPP5D Anticorps
INSIG1 Anticorps
Interferon gamma Anticorps
Interferon Regulatory Factor 2 Anticorps
IRAK4 Anticorps
IRF1 Anticorps
IRF7 Anticorps
IRS1 Anticorps
IRS2 Anticorps
ITGA4 Anticorps
JAG1 Anticorps
KAT2B Anticorps
KAT5 Anticorps
KCNMB1 Anticorps
KCNN3 Anticorps
KIF5B Anticorps
KLF2 Anticorps
LCP2 Anticorps
LIN9 Anticorps
Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor Anticorps
LYN Anticorps
MAGED1 Anticorps
MAP1LC3A Anticorps
MAP3K14 Anticorps
MAP3K8 Anticorps
MAPKAP Kinase 5 Anticorps
MAS1 Anticorps
Matrix Metallopeptidase 1 (Interstitial Collagenase) Anticorps
Matrix Metallopeptidase 14 (Membrane-inserted) Anticorps
MBD1 Anticorps
MCHR1 Anticorps
MCM7 Anticorps
MME Anticorps
MOK Anticorps
MOS Anticorps
MRP1 Anticorps
MSH6 Anticorps
Myogenin Anticorps
NAD-ME Anticorps
NCOR1 Anticorps
Nestin Anticorps
Neuregulin 1 Anticorps
Neuropilin 1 Anticorps
Neurotrophin 3 Anticorps
NFATC3 Anticorps
NFE2L1 Anticorps
NOS2 Anticorps
NOX5 Anticorps
NOXA1 Anticorps
NR5A1 Anticorps
NRF2 Anticorps
NTRK3 Anticorps
Nuclear Factor of kappa Light Polypeptide Gene Enhancer in B-Cells Inhibitor, alpha Anticorps
Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 2, Group C, Member 1 Anticorps
NUP98 Anticorps
OPRL1 Anticorps
OSBPL1A Anticorps
P2RX7 Anticorps
P2RY6 Anticorps
p53 Anticorps
PCSK7 Anticorps
PDE3B Anticorps
PDE4D Anticorps
PDGFRA Anticorps
PDGFRB Anticorps
PDX1 Anticorps
PEBP1 Anticorps
Peripheral Myelin Protein 22 Anticorps
Peroxiredoxin 3 Anticorps
Peroxiredoxin 6 Anticorps
PHD1 Anticorps
PIK3CA Anticorps
PKC beta Anticorps
PLAU Anticorps
POLK Anticorps
PPARGC1A Anticorps
PPARGC1B Anticorps
PPP1R9B Anticorps
PPP2R2A Anticorps
PRAM1 Anticorps
Presenilin 2 Anticorps
PRKACB Anticorps
PRKRA Anticorps
PRNP Anticorps
Prokineticin Receptor 1 Anticorps
Prolactin Receptor Anticorps
Prostate Specific Antigen Anticorps
PTGER1 Anticorps
PTH1R Anticorps
PTK7 Anticorps
PTPN13 Anticorps
PTPRA Anticorps
PUMA Anticorps
RABGEF1 Anticorps
RAC2 Anticorps
rala Anticorps
RAN Anticorps
RBP4 Anticorps
RBPJ Anticorps
Resistin Anticorps
Retinoid X Receptor, alpha Anticorps
Retinol Binding Protein 1, Cellular Anticorps
Retinol Binding Protein 2, Cellular Anticorps
Ring Finger Protein 8 Anticorps
RPS6KB1 Anticorps
S100A11 Anticorps
SCNN1A Anticorps
Secretin Anticorps
SFPQ Anticorps
SH3G2 Anticorps
SHBG Anticorps
SHC1 Anticorps
SLC22A1 Anticorps
SLC22A2 Anticorps
SLC22A8 Anticorps
SLC25A5 Anticorps
SLC2A3 Anticorps
SLC5A8 Anticorps
SLIT3 Anticorps
SMAD6 Anticorps
SMARCA4 Anticorps
Somatostatin Anticorps
SP1 Anticorps
SPIB Anticorps
SRA1 Anticorps
SSTR1 Anticorps
SSTR2 Anticorps
SSTR3 Anticorps
SSTR4 Anticorps
SSTR5 Anticorps
STAR Anticorps
TACC3 Anticorps
TAX1BP1 Anticorps
TESK1 Anticorps
TFAP2B Anticorps
THRA Anticorps
TIE1 Anticorps
TLR2 Anticorps
TLR8 Anticorps
TMPRSS6 Anticorps
TNFRSF11A Anticorps
TNRC5 Anticorps
TRAF3 Anticorps
TRAF3IP2 Anticorps
TRAPPC1 Anticorps
TRKA Anticorps
TRPC7 Anticorps
TRPV5 Anticorps
TRPV6 Anticorps
Tyrosinase-Related Protein 1 Anticorps
UCHL1 Anticorps
UNC13A/Munc13-1 Anticorps
UNC93B1 Anticorps
Utrophin Anticorps
VGF Anticorps
Vitamin D Receptor Anticorps
WNK4 Anticorps
ZBTB7B Anticorps
ZMYM2 Anticorps
ZNF148 Anticorps
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