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Ring Finger and CCCH-Type Domains 1 Kits ELISA (RC3H1)
Chez www.anticorps-enligne.fr sont 2 Ring Finger and CCCH-Type Domains 1 (RC3H1) Kits ELISA de 1 de différents fournisseurs disponibles. De plus, nous expédions RC3H1 Anticorps (43) et RC3H1 Protéines (3) et beaucoup plus de produits pour cette protéine. Un total de 51 RC3H1 produits sont actuellement listés.
5730557L09Rik, Gm551, mKIAA2025, N28103, RC3H1, RGD1563512, RNF198, ROQUIN, si:dkey-192m14.4
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Rat RC3H1 RC3H1 680586  
RC3H1 381305 Q4VGL6
RC3H1 149041 Q5TC82

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Mouse (Murine) Ring Finger and CCCH-Type Domains 1 (RC3H1) interaction partners

  1. RC3H1 is a multifunctional regulator of immune homeostasis. (Review)

  2. The authors unexpectedly uncover a ROQUIN-AMPK (Montrer PRKAA1 Kits ELISA) metabolic signaling nexus essential for selectively promoting T follicular helper cell responses.

  3. Crystal structures and NMR data show that the Roquin-1 ROQ domain recognizes hexaloops in the SELEX-derived alternative decay element (ADE) and in an ADE-like variant present in the Ox40 (Montrer TNFRSF4 Kits ELISA) 3'-UTR (Montrer UTS2R Kits ELISA) with identical binding modes.

  4. Roquin also directly binds Argonaute2 (Montrer EIF2C2 Kits ELISA), a central component of the RNA-induced silencing complex, and miR (Montrer MLXIP Kits ELISA)-146a, a microRNA that targets Icos (Montrer ICOS Kits ELISA) mRNA.

  5. small intestinal inflammation in Rc3h1(san/san) and Rc3h1(gt/gt (Montrer FABP6 Kits ELISA)) mice is due to a failure of Roquin expression in the immune system and not to insufficient systemic Roquin expression.

  6. Over-expression of Roquin exacerbates T-cell mediated hepatitis.

  7. Roquin inhibited T(H)17 cell differentiation and acted together with the endoribonuclease regnase-1 to repress target mRNA encoding the T(H)17 cell-promoting factors IL-6 (Montrer IL6 Kits ELISA), ICOS (Montrer ICOS Kits ELISA), c-Rel (Montrer NFkBP65 Kits ELISA), IRF4 (Montrer IRF4 Kits ELISA), IkappaBNS and IkappaBzeta (Montrer NFKBIZ Kits ELISA).

  8. Results show an opposing relationship between Roquin-1 and the IL-17a (Montrer IL17A Kits ELISA) proinflammatory cytokine. Enforced expression of Rc3h1 restricts Il17a (Montrer IL17A Kits ELISA) expression, and exposure of T cells to IL-10 (Montrer IL10 Kits ELISA) increases Rc3h1 expression.

  9. Roquin makes mainly non-sequence-specific contacts to the RNA, binding a more relaxed constitutive decay element consensus sequence than previously thought.

  10. Study shows that neither alteration of ROQUIN gene nor deregulation of miR101 expression is likely to be a frequent recurrent event in AITL.

Human Ring Finger and CCCH-Type Domains 1 (RC3H1) interaction partners

  1. RC3H1 is a multifunctional regulator of immune homeostasis. (Review)

  2. Crystal structures, small-angle X-ray scattering, and E2 profiling revealed that while the two paralogs are highly homologous, RC3H2 and RC3H1 are different in their structures and functions.

  3. A distinct, sequence-induced conformation is required for recognition of the constitutive decay element RNA by Roquin.

  4. Roquin-1 and roquin-2 proteins function redundantly in mRNA degradation.

  5. RC3H1 binds preferentially short-lived and DNA damage-induced mRNAs. Knockdown of RC3H1 resulted in increased A20 (Montrer TNFAIP3 Kits ELISA) protein expression, thereby interfering with IkappaB kinase (Montrer CHUK Kits ELISA) and NF-kappaB (Montrer NFKB1 Kits ELISA) activities.

  6. In this review we summarize current progress regarding the specific characteristics of sequences and structures in the 3' untranslated regions of mRNAs that are recognized by tristetraproline (Montrer ZFP36 Kits ELISA), Roquins, and Regnase-1.

  7. Roquin binding to target mRNAs involves a winged helix-turn-helix motif.

  8. Findings reveal that differential regulation of mRNAs by Regnase-1 and Roquin depends on their translation status and enables elaborate control of inflammation.

  9. Roquin-mediated degradation of HMGXB3 and IL6 (Montrer IL6 Kits ELISA) mRNAs in human cells, demonstrates the importance of both binding sites for mRNA decay.

  10. Excessive interferon (IFN)-gamma (Montrer IFNA Kits ELISA) signaling promotes accumulation of Roquin-mutated, short-lived effector-like CD8 (Montrer CD8A Kits ELISA)+ T cells in autoimmune-prone transgenic mice.

RC3H1 profil antigène

Antigen Summary

RC3H1, or roquin, encodes a highly conserved member of the RING type ubiquitin ligase protein family (Vinuesa et al., 2005

Alternative names and synonyms associated with RC3H1

  • ring finger and CCCH-type domains 1 (Rc3h1) Elisa Kit
  • ring finger and CCCH-type zinc finger domains 1 (Rc3h1) Elisa Kit
  • ring finger and CCCH-type zinc finger domains 1 (RC3H1) Elisa Kit
  • ring finger and CCCH-type domains 1 (RC3H1) Elisa Kit
  • ring finger and CCCH-type zinc finger domains 1 (rc3h1) Elisa Kit
  • RING CCCH (C3H) domains 1 (Rc3h1) Elisa Kit
  • 5730557L09Rik Elisa Kit
  • Gm551 Elisa Kit
  • mKIAA2025 Elisa Kit
  • N28103 Elisa Kit
  • RC3H1 Elisa Kit
  • RGD1563512 Elisa Kit
  • RNF198 Elisa Kit
  • ROQUIN Elisa Kit
  • si:dkey-192m14.4 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for RC3H1

RING CCCH (C3H) domains 1 , ring finger and CCCH-type zinc finger domains 1 , roquin , roquin-like , ring finger and CCCH-type domains 1 , RING finger and C3H zinc finger protein 1 , probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase Roquin , protein Sanroque , RING finger protein 198

680586 Rattus norvegicus
304916 Rattus norvegicus
424439 Gallus gallus
457530 Pan troglodytes
480065 Canis lupus familiaris
568568 Danio rerio
707745 Macaca mulatta
789395 Bos taurus
100400000 Callithrix jacchus
100459202 Pongo abelii
100470504 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
381305 Mus musculus
149041 Homo sapiens
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