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Protein Characterization

Obtain the critical protein or antibody characterization parameters you need to inform product development, guide product use, and ensure suitability for your downstream application.

Qualification & Validation

Let the experienced Quality Control team at Rockland ensure that your proteins and antibodies are ready for use. We work with you to develop and execute an effective QC plan that is informative and adheres to the most rigorous scientific standards.

Stability Study Services

Understand the shelf life of your protein or antibody with stability studies from Rockland. We support a variety of stability study needs with real time stability studies, accelerated stability studies, and open stability studies, all performed to the highest standards.

General Protein and Antibody Characterization Services

We offer a growing portfolio of analytical capabilities for routine determination of purity, aggregation, size variant analysis, and charged-based separations of antibodies and other proteins that are intended for use in sensitive applications. Contact us if you don’t see what you need—we have additional capabilities and a wide network of scientific expertise that we can leverage for your project needs.

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