Activin A Receptor, Type IIA (ACVR2A) Kits ELISA

ACVR2A encodes activin A type II receptor. De plus, nous expédions Activin Receptor Type IIA Anticorps (114) et Activin Receptor Type IIA Protéines (37) et beaucoup plus de produits pour cette protéine.

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ACVR2A 92 P27037
ACVR2A 29263 P38444
ACVR2A 11480 P27038
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Catalogue No. Reactivité Sensibilité Gamme Images Quantité Fournisseur Livraison Prix Détails
Humain 0.057 ng/mL 0.15 ng/mL - 10 ng/mL 96 Tests Connectez-vous pour afficher 13 to 16 Days
Souris 0.312-20 ng/mL   96 Tests Connectez-vous pour afficher 2 to 3 Days
Humain 0.055 ng/mL 0.156 ng/mL - 10 ng/mL   96 Tests Connectez-vous pour afficher 8 to 12 Days
Boeuf (Vache)
  96 Tests Connectez-vous pour afficher 15 to 18 Days
  96 Tests Connectez-vous pour afficher 15 to 18 Days
  96 Tests Connectez-vous pour afficher 15 to 18 Days

Plus Kits ELISA pour Activin Receptor Type IIA partenaires d'interaction

Human Activin A Receptor, Type IIA (ACVR2A) interaction partners

  1. TGF-beta (Montrer TGFB1 Kits ELISA) receptor mediated telomerase inhibition, telomere shortening and breast cancer cell senescence.(

  2. This locus harbors an evolutionary conserved gene-desert region with non-coding intergenic sequences likely involved in regulation of protein-coding flanking genes ZEB2 (Montrer ZEB2 Kits ELISA) and ACVR2A. This region is intensively studied for mutations causing severe developmental/genetic disorders. Our analyses indicate a promising target region for interventions aimed to reduce risks of many major human diseases and mortality.

  3. Data suggest ALK1 (Montrer ACVRL1 Kits ELISA) and ACVR2A/ACVR2B (Montrer ACVR2B Kits ELISA), acting as BMP9 (Montrer GDF2 Kits ELISA) co-receptors, rearrange pro-domains of BMP9 (Montrer GDF2 Kits ELISA)--pro-domain dimer complex leading to displacement of pro-domains after receptor binding, release of mature non-dimer BPM9, and activation of signaling.

  4. Activin A (Montrer INHBA Kits ELISA) inhibited signaling by BMP-6 (Montrer BMP6 Kits ELISA) and BMP-9 (Montrer GDF2 Kits ELISA) by competing for type 2 receptors ACVR2A and ACVR2B (Montrer ACVR2B Kits ELISA).

  5. Data suggest that an SNP in promoter region of ACVR2A (rs1424954, the pre-eclampsia susceptibility allele) down-regulates 1) expression of ACVR2A in trophoblasts and 2) signal transduction in response to excess activin-A (Montrer INHBA Kits ELISA) (as seen in pre-eclampsia).

  6. Adenomyotic tissues express high levels of myostatin (Montrer MSTN Kits ELISA), follistatin (Montrer FST Kits ELISA), and activin (Montrer Actbeta Kits ELISA) type II receptors.

  7. The gene ACVR2A was associated with the more severe early onset preeclampsia.

  8. For ACVR2A SNPs (rs10497025, rs1128919, rs13430086), no statistically significant difference was found between preeclampsia and control groups in terms of genotype and allele frequencies.

  9. ACVR2A was identified as a subnetwork component in functional association network analysis.

  10. ACVR2A showed statistically significant differential dose-expression relationship.

Cow (Bovine) Activin A Receptor, Type IIA (ACVR2A) interaction partners

  1. This genome-wide association study identified variants in the upstream region of ACVR2A, which were associated with female fertility in Japanese Black cattle.

Zebrafish Activin A Receptor, Type IIA (ACVR2A) interaction partners

  1. Roles in hindbrain and neural crest cell (NCC) patterning, in NCC derived pharyngeal arch cartilage and joint formation, and in tooth development.

Mouse (Murine) Activin A Receptor, Type IIA (ACVR2A) interaction partners

  1. Anti-ActRII blockade is an effective intervention against cancer cachexia providing benefit even in the presence of anti-cancer therapies.

  2. Data, including data from studies using transgenic mice, suggest that osteoblasts deficient in Acvr2A exhibit un-characteristic features; osteoclasts deficient in Acvr2A or Acvr2B (Montrer ACVR2B Kits ELISA) or both appear normal. Acvr2A-deficient mice exhibit significantly increased femoral trabecular bone volume at 6 weeks of age; Acvr2B (Montrer ACVR2B Kits ELISA)-deficient mice exhibit no significant change in any bone parameter.

  3. miR (Montrer MLXIP Kits ELISA)-125b regulated the activin (Montrer Actbeta Kits ELISA)/Smad2 (Montrer SMAD2 Kits ELISA) signaling in neonatal mouse ovary by directly targeting the 3'-untranslated region of activin receptor type 2a

  4. Our study shows that a miR-590/Acvr2a/Rad51b signaling axis ensures the stabilization of mESCs by balancing DNA damage repair and rapid proliferation during self-renewal.

  5. Bmpr2 (Montrer BMPR2 Kits ELISA) and Acvr2a normally play cell-type-specific, necessary roles in organelle biogenesis and the shutdown of developmental programs and cell division.

  6. Acvr2a is a Th17 specific gene making Th17 cells distinct from other helper T cells, Th1 (Montrer HAND1 Kits ELISA), Th2, and Treg.

  7. stimulates expression of APRIL via the Smad3 (Montrer SMAD3 Kits ELISA) and ERK (Montrer EPHB2 Kits ELISA)/CREB (Montrer CREB1 Kits ELISA) pathways in macrophages

  8. Results demonstrated that BMPRII (Montrer BMPR2 Kits ELISA) and ActRII are the functional type II TGF-beta (Montrer TGFB1 Kits ELISA) receptors in BMP-9 (Montrer GDF2 Kits ELISA)-induced osteogenic differentiation of C3H10T1/2 cells.

  9. The coordinated activity of ActRIIA and BMPRII (Montrer BMPR2 Kits ELISA) receptor subunits selectively mediates the chemotactic response to BMP7 (Montrer BMP7 Kits ELISA).

  10. Activin (Montrer Actbeta Kits ELISA) type IIB(ActRIIB (Montrer ACVR2B Kits ELISA)) and its subfamily receptor, Activin (Montrer Actbeta Kits ELISA) type IIA (ActRIIA), cooperatively mediate the Gdf11 (Montrer GDF11 Kits ELISA) signal in patterning the axial vertebrae

Activin Receptor Type IIA (ACVR2A) profil antigène

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes activin A type II receptor. Activins are dimeric growth and differentiation factors which belong to the transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) superfamily of structurally related signaling proteins. Activins signal through a heteromeric complex of receptor serine kinases which include at least two type I (I and IB) and two type II (II and IIB) receptors. These receptors are all transmembrane proteins, composed of a ligand-binding extracellular domain with cysteine-rich region, a transmembrane domain, and a cytoplasmic domain with predicted serine/threonine specificity. Type I receptors are essential for signaling\; and type II receptors are required for binding ligands and for expression of type I receptors. Type I and II receptors form a stable complex after ligand binding, resulting in phosphorylation of type I receptors by type II receptors. Type II receptors are considered to be constitutively active kinases.

Gene names and symbols associated with ACVR2A

  • activin A receptor type 2A (ACVR2A) anticorps
  • activin A receptor type 2A (acvr2a) anticorps
  • activin A receptor type 2A (Acvr2a) anticorps
  • activin A receptor type 2A L homeolog (acvr2a.L) anticorps
  • activin A receptor type 2Aa (acvr2aa) anticorps
  • activin receptor IIA (Acvr2a) anticorps
  • actr2a anticorps
  • ACTRII anticorps
  • ActrIIa anticorps
  • Acvr2 anticorps
  • acvr2a anticorps
  • rActR-II anticorps
  • TactrII anticorps
  • wu:fa02e10 anticorps
  • XSTK9 anticorps

Protein level used designations for ACVR2A

activin receptor IIA , activin receptor type-2A , activin A receptor, type IIA , ACTR-IIA , activin receptor type IIA , type II activin receptor , activin A receptor, type II , activin receptor, type IIA , ACTRIIA , activin receptor type II , activin type 2 receptor , activin receptor IIa , etID22865.9

397282 Sus scrofa
476140 Canis lupus familiaris
100216172 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100224301 Taeniopygia guttata
100583170 Nomascus leucogenys
92 Homo sapiens
29263 Rattus norvegicus
281598 Bos taurus
396324 Gallus gallus
443304 Ovis aries
399283 Xenopus laevis
553359 Danio rerio
11480 Mus musculus
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