anti-Signal Recognition Particle 54A (SRP54A) Anticorps

may recognize signal sequences of secretory proteins and may retard them in the endoplasmic reticulum; may regulate synthesis of the secretory protein osteopontin.

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SRP54A 116650 Q6AYB5
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Boeuf (Vache) Lapin Inconjugué WB WB Suggested Anti-Srp54a Antibody Titration: 1.0 ug/ml Positive Control: Rat Muscle 100 μL 2 to 3 Days

Signal Recognition Particle 54A (SRP54A) profil antigène

Profil protéine

Involved in targeting and insertion of nascent membrane proteins into the cytoplasmic membrane. Binds to the hydrophobic signal sequence of the ribosome-nascent chain (RNC) as it emerges from the ribosomes. The SRP-RNC complex is then targeted to the cytoplasmic membrane where it interacts with the SRP receptor FtsY (By similarity).

Gene names and symbols associated with SRP54A

  • signal recognition particle 54A (Srp54a) anticorps
  • Srp54a anticorps

Protein level used designations for SRP54A

signal recognition particle 54 kDa protein

116650 Rattus norvegicus
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