Squalene Epoxidase (SQLE) Kits ELISA

Squalene epoxidase catalyzes the first oxygenation step in sterol biosynthesis and is thought to be one of the rate-limiting enzymes in this pathway.. De plus, nous expédions Squalene Epoxidase Anticorps (32) et Squalene Epoxidase Protéines (5) et beaucoup plus de produits pour cette protéine.

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SQLE 6713 Q14534
SQLE 20775 P52019
SQLE 29230 P52020
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Catalogue No. Reactivité Sensibilité Gamme Images Quantité Livraison Prix Détails
Humain 0.114 ng/mL 0.31 ng/mL - 20 ng/mL 96 Tests 13 to 16 Days
  96 Tests 15 to 18 Days
  96 Tests 15 to 18 Days

Plus Kits ELISA pour Squalene Epoxidase partenaires d'interaction

Human Squalene Epoxidase (SQLE) interaction partners

  1. Increasingly growing evidence underlines the positive correlation between SE over-expression and poor prognosis in different malignances. SE promotes tumor cell proliferation and migration via many pathways suggesting its oncogenic role. [review]

  2. The shape of squalene epoxidase expands the arsenal against cancer. Review.

  3. Taken together, our results support a model whereby the amphipathic helix in squalene monooxygenase N100 attaches reversibly to the ER membrane depending on cholesterol levels; with excess, the helix is ejected and unravels, exposing a hydrophobic patch, which then serves as a degradation signal.

  4. Both HMGCR and SQLE promoters have two SREs that may act as a homing region to attract a single SREBP-2 homodimer.

  5. Higher Gleason grade was associated with lower LDLR expression, lower SOAT1 and higher SQLE expression. Besides high SQLE expression, cancers that became lethal despite primary treatment were characterized by low LDLR expression (odds ratio for highest versus lowest quintile, 0.37; 95% CI 0.18-0.76) and by low SOAT1 expression (odds ratio, 0.41; 95% CI 0.21-0.83).

  6. Data indicate that microRNA miR-133b-dependent squalene epoxidase (SQLE) plays a critical role in the potential metastasis mechanisms in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC).

  7. our results pinpoint SQLE as a bona fide metabolic oncogene by amplification, and as a therapeutic target in BC. These findings could have implications in other cancer types.

  8. this study have identified a Squalene Monooxygenase region integrally associated with the endoplasmic reticulum membrane that is likely to interact with cholesterol or respond to cholesterol-induced membrane effects.

  9. overexpression of SQLE in HCC cells promoted cell proliferation and migration, while downregulation of SQLE inhibited the tumorigenicity of Hepatocellular carcinoma cells in vitro and in vivo.

  10. Data suggest that unsaturated fatty acids (oleate; oleoyl-CoA) stabilize SM/SQLE (which catalyzes 1st oxygenation step in cholesterol synthesis) most likely via inhibition of poly-ubiquitination by MARCH6 (membrane-associated ring finger [C3HC4] 6).

  11. MARCH6 and squalene monooxygenase (SM) physically interact, and consistent with MARCH6 acting as an E3 ligase, its overexpression reduces SM abundance in a RING-dependent manner.

  12. functional promotor regions involved in transcription was determined

  13. A cDNA library consisting of 220 upregulated genes in tumour tissue was established and named as LSCC. Differential expression was confirmed in five of these genes, including IGFBP5, SQLE, RAP2B, CLDN1, and TBL1XR1.

  14. Distant metastasis-free survival in stage I/II breast cancer cases was significantly inversely related to SQLE mRNA in multivariate Cox analysis in two independent patient cohorts of 160 patients each

Mouse (Murine) Squalene Epoxidase (SQLE) interaction partners

  1. Squalene epoxidase is a strong positional candidate gene for obesity, using squantitative trait locus studies.

  2. results demonstrate critical dependence of a 205 bp region for sterol dependent regulation of squalene epoxidase & uncover a possible framework for SREBP-promoter interaction, including a potent synergy with NF-Y that may be of principal importance.

  3. Requires a redox partner, but cytochrome p450 reductase is not the only microsomal reductase that will serve this purpose.

Squalene Epoxidase (SQLE) profil antigène

Antigen Summary

Squalene epoxidase catalyzes the first oxygenation step in sterol biosynthesis and is thought to be one of the rate-limiting enzymes in this pathway.

Gene names and symbols associated with Squalene Epoxidase (SQLE) Kits ELISA

  • squalene epoxidase (SQLE) anticorps
  • squalene epoxidase (ANI_1_450034) anticorps
  • squalene epoxidase (AOR_1_1218114) anticorps
  • squalene epoxidase (CC1G_03987) anticorps
  • squalene epoxidase (BDBG_08449) anticorps
  • squalene epoxidase (MCYG_02365) anticorps
  • squalene epoxidase (TERG_05717) anticorps
  • squalene epoxidase (Sqle) anticorps
  • AI323792 anticorps
  • An03g03770 anticorps
  • AO090701000685 anticorps

Protein level used designations for Squalene Epoxidase (SQLE) Kits ELISA

squalene epoxidase , squalene monooxygenase , SE

100067615 Equus caballus
4980366 Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88
5995549 Aspergillus oryzae RIB40
6007557 Coprinopsis cinerea okayama7130
8508601 Ajellomyces dermatitidis SLH14081
9226506 Arthroderma otae CBS 113480
10376061 Trichophyton rubrum CBS 118892
100125351 Ovis aries
6713 Homo sapiens
608021 Canis lupus familiaris
100113409 Sus scrofa
526535 Bos taurus
20775 Mus musculus
29230 Rattus norvegicus
420335 Gallus gallus
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