Hemoglobin, gamma A (HBG1) Kits ELISA

The gamma globin genes (HBG1 and HBG2) are normally expressed in the fetal liver, spleen and bone marrow. De plus, nous expédions HBG1 Anticorps (51) et HBG1 Protéines (14) et beaucoup plus de produits pour cette protéine.

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Anti-Rat HBG1 HBG1 94164  
HBG1 3047 P69891
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Humain 195.5 ng/mL 370.37 ng/mL - 30000 ng/mL 96 Tests Connectez-vous pour afficher 13 to 16 Days
Humain 195.5 ng/mL 370.37 ng/mL - 30000 ng/mL   96 Tests Connectez-vous pour afficher 8 to 12 Days

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Human Hemoglobin, gamma A (HBG1) interaction partners

  1. Data suggest that studying genotype frequency of the Xmn1 gammaG globin polymorphism (-158C>T ) in Siwa Oasis, Egypt can be considered as a starting point for further research targeting this community sector.

  2. A significant relationship between two variations (+25G/A and -499T/A) in Agamma gene promotor and fetal hemoglobin levels was observed.

  3. study describes the characterization of the rs368698783 (+25 G->A) polymorphism of the Agamma-globin gene associated in beta(0)39 thalassemia patients with high HbF in erythroid precursor cells

  4. Introduction of the British HPFH mutation into the fetal globin promoter in a human cell model causes elevated fetal globin expression. The British HPFH mutation creates a de novo binding site both in vitro and in vivo for the potent erythroid activator KLF1.

  5. A Ly1 antibody reactive (LYAR)-binding motif disruptive regulatory single-nucleotide polymorphisms rs368698783 (G/A) from LD block 5 in the proximal promoter of hemoglobin subunit gamma 1 (HBG1) was found to be a significant predictor for beta-thalassemia clinical severity.

  6. Study found a novel polymorphism of the A-gamma-globin gene in four families with b0-thalassemia and high levels of HbF expression. Additionally, evidence suggesting that the Ac-globin gene +25(G-A) polymorphism decreases the efficiency of the interaction between this sequence and specific DNA binding protein complexes.

  7. These data confirm the regulatory role of the HBG1: g.-225_-222 region that exerts its effect under conditions of erythropoietic stress characteristic for beta-thal patients.

  8. results suggest that KLF1 directly regulates the beta-globin gene, but probably has less direct impact on expression of the gamma-globin gene in fetal erythroblasts

  9. Data show that the ancestral allele C at rs2855126, located upstream of gamma-globin (HBG1) is associated with increased serum uric acid levels.

  10. analysis of a point mutation that increases fetal globin expression through de novo recruitment of the activator TAL1 to promote chromatin looping of distal enhancers to the modified gamma-globin promoter

  11. a successful induction of gamma-globin includes a reduction in BCL11A, KLF1 and TAL1 expression.

  12. This report we discusses the molecular characteristics and diagnostic criteria of a new (A)gamma chain variant that was detected during newborn screening and named Hb F-Sykesville MD [(A)gamma113(G15)Val --> Ile; HBG1: c.340G>A].

  13. Results indicate that compound II induces the gamma globin gene in hydroxyurea (HU)-resistant primary adult erythroid cells and suggest potenetial therapy for sickle cell disease (SCD) and severe beta-thalassemias.

  14. Inactivation of HDAC1 or HDAC2 induces gamma-globin expression without altering cell cycle or proliferation.

  15. Findings indicate that both antisickling beta-globin and gamma-globin lentiviral vectors demonstrate efficient gene transfer into sickle cells.

  16. Data indicate that hydroxyurea (HU) induces SAR1 protein expression, which in turn activates gamma-globin expression, predominantly through the Gialpha/JNK/Jun pathway.

  17. There is synergism between developmental stage-specific recruitments of the ATF2 protein complex and expression of gamma-globin during erythropoiesis.

  18. Data suggest that segregation of BCL11A haplotype 2 indicating an involvement of this locus in Hb F expression.

  19. Data indicate that in embryonic stem cells (hESCs)-derived erythroblasts where both epsilon and gamma globin were active, epsilon globin was immediately silenced upon transfer, whereas gamma globin continued to be expressed for months.

  20. data are consistent with a model in which WDR5 binds the gamma-globin promoter in a PRMT5-dependent manner.

HBG1 profil antigène

Antigen Summary

The gamma globin genes (HBG1 and HBG2) are normally expressed in the fetal liver, spleen and bone marrow. Two gamma chains together with two alpha chains constitute fetal hemoglobin (HbF) which is normally replaced by adult hemoglobin (HbA) at birth. In some beta-thalassemias and related conditions, gamma chain production continues into adulthood. The two types of gamma chains differ at residue 136 where glycine is found in the G-gamma product (HBG2) and alanine is found in the A-gamma product (HBG1). The former is predominant at birth. The order of the genes in the beta-globin cluster is: 5'-epsilon -- gamma-G -- gamma-A -- delta -- beta--3'.

Gene names and symbols associated with Hemoglobin, gamma A (HBG1) Kits ELISA

  • hemoglobin subunit gamma 1 (Hbg1) anticorps
  • hemoglobin subunit gamma 1 (HBG1) anticorps
  • hemoglobin subunit gamma 1 L homeolog (hbg1.L) anticorps
  • hemoglobin, gamma G (HBG1) anticorps
  • hemoglobin subunit gamma-1 (LOC100982657) anticorps
  • beta-globin anticorps
  • Hbb-y anticorps
  • hbb1 anticorps
  • Hbe1 anticorps
  • HBG1 anticorps
  • HBG2 anticorps
  • hbga anticorps
  • hbgr anticorps
  • hsggl1 anticorps

Protein level used designations for Hemoglobin, gamma A (HBG1) Kits ELISA

epsilon 3 globin , hemoglobin Y beta-like embryonic chain , hemoglobin Y, beta-like embryonic chain , hemoglobin, epsilon 1 , A-gamma globin , gamma A hemoglobin , gamma globin , gamma-1-globin , hb F Agamma , hemoglobin gamma-1 chain , hemoglobin gamma-a chain , hemoglobin subunit gamma-1 , hemoglobin, gamma, regulator of , beta-1-globin , hemoglobin beta-1 chain , hemoglobin beta-major chain , hemoglobin subunit beta-1 , hemoglobin, gamma G , gamma-2 globin , Hemoglobin subunit gamma-1 , Gamma-1-globin , Hemoglobin gamma-1 chain , Hemoglobin gamma-A chain

94164 Rattus norvegicus
3047 Homo sapiens
734881 Xenopus laevis
736917 Pan troglodytes
100982657 Pan paniscus
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