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Neurotrophin Signaling Pathway

Browse our neurotrophin signaling pathway related antibodies and ELISA kits.


AKAP13 (A Kinase (PRKA) Anchor Protein 13):

AP2A2 (Adaptor-Related Protein Complex 2, alpha 2 Subunit):

AP2S1 (Adaptor-Related Protein Complex 2, sigma 1 Subunit):

ADCYAP1R1 (Adenylate Cyclase Activating Polypeptide 1 (Pituitary) Receptor Type I):

APH1A (Anterior Pharynx Defective 1 Homolog A (C. Elegans)):

Arhgef9 (Cdc42 Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor (GEF) 9):

DDIT4 (DNA-Damage-Inducible Transcript 4):

ARHGAP4 (rho GTPase Activating Protein 4):

ARHGEF11 (rho Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor (GEF) 11):

ARHGEF12 (rho Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor (GEF) 12):

ARHGEF16 (rho Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor (GEF) 16):

ARHGEF3 (rho Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor (GEF) 3):

ARHGEF4 (rho Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor (GEF) 4):

ARHGEF6 (rho Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor (GEF) 6):

ARHGEF18 (rho/rac Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor (GEF) 18):


ECT2 (Epithelial Cell Transforming Sequence 2 Oncogene):

EIF2C3 (Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 2C3):

FGD1 (FYVE, RhoGEF and PH Domain Containing 1):

FGD4 (FYVE, RhoGEF and PH Domain Containing 4):

HCLS1 (Hematopoietic Cell-Specific Lyn Substrate 1):

ERBB4 (V-Erb-A erythroblastic Leukemia Viral Oncogene Homolog 4 (Avian)):


IKBKB (Inhibitor of kappa Light Polypeptide Gene Enhancer in B-Cells, Kinase beta):

ITPR1 (Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate Receptor, Type 1):

ITPR2 (Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate Receptor, Type 2):

ITPR3 (Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate Receptor, Type 3):

KHDRBS1 (KH Domain Containing, RNA Binding, Signal Transduction Associated 1):

SLC39A3 (Solute Carrier Family 39 (Zinc Transporter), Member 3):


MAGI2 (Membrane Associated Guanylate Kinase, WW and PDZ Domain Containing 2):

MAPK11 (Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase 11):

MAPK7 (Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase 7):

NFKB1 (Nuclear Factor of kappa Light Polypeptide Gene Enhancer in B-Cells 1):

PHLPP1 (PH Domain and Leucine Rich Repeat Protein Phosphatase 1):

PDE1B (phosphodiesterase 1B, Calmodulin-Dependent):

PDGFRA (Platelet-Derived Growth Factor Receptor, alpha Polypeptide):

PDGFRB (Platelet-Derived Growth Factor Receptor, beta Polypeptide):

PLEKHG5 (Pleckstrin Homology Domain Containing, Family G (With RhoGef Domain) Member 5):

PCSK6 (Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin/kexin Type 6):

PRKAR1A (Protein Kinase, CAMP-Dependent, Regulatory, Type I, alpha (Tissue Specific Extinguisher 1)):

PRKAR1B (Protein Kinase, CAMP-Dependent, Regulatory, Type I, beta):

PRKAR2A (Protein Kinase, CAMP-Dependent, Regulatory, Type II, alpha):


RAPGEFL1 (Rap Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor (GEF)-Like 1):

RPS6KA2 (Ribosomal Protein S6 Kinase, 90kDa, Polypeptide 2):

RICTOR (RPTOR Independent Companion of mTOR, Complex 2):

SHC1 (SHC (Src Homology 2 Domain Containing) Transforming Protein 1):

SHC2 (SHC (Src Homology 2 Domain Containing) Transforming Protein 2):

SHC3 (SHC (Src Homology 2 Domain Containing) Transforming Protein 3):

STAT3 (Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 (Acute-Phase Response Factor)):

SMPD2 (Sphingomyelin phosphodiesterase 2, Neutral Membrane (Neutral Sphingomyelinase)):

TIAM2 (T-Cell Lymphoma Invasion and Metastasis 2):

THEM4 (Thioesterase Superfamily Member 4):


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